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numerical analysis optimization and control

University of California, Berkeley

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 23:10-00:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Sunčica Čanić, Di Fang*, Lin Lin, Per-Olof Persson
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Past talks
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ThuJun 1517:30Eun-Jae ParkPolygonal Staggered Galerkin Methods
WedApr 2623:10Yuehaw KhooTBA
WedApr 1923:10Uros SeljakTBA
WedApr 1223:10Sandeep SharmaTBA
WedApr 0523:10Yangwen ZhangTBA
WedMar 2923:10no seminar. spring breakTBA
WedMar 2223:10Chi-Fang ChenSparse random Hamiltonians are quantumly easy
FriMar 1723:10Aleksandar DonevHydrodynamics and rheology of fluctuating, semiflexible, inextensible, and slender filaments in Stokes flow
WedMar 1523:10Fanhui XuTBA
ThuMar 0900:10Julian UrbanTBA
ThuMar 0200:10Xiantao LiEfficient algorithms for quantum optimal control problems
ThuFeb 2300:10Michael AlbergoTBA
ThuFeb 1600:10Uros SeljakTBA
ThuFeb 0900:10Zhiyan DingMean-field analysis of interacting particle system and overparameterization of neural network
ThuJan 2600:10Anuj KumarApplication of branching flows to optimal scalar transport and a result concerning the nonuniqueness of trajectories
SatJan 2100:10Govind MenonStochastic Nash evolution
ThuDec 0100:10Sui TangBridging the interacting particle models and data science via Gaussian process
ThuNov 2400:10No seminar. Happy thanksgiving.TBA
ThuNov 1700:10Lucas BouckFinite Element Approximation of a Membrane Model for Liquid Crystal Polymeric Networks
ThuNov 1000:10Samuel LanthalerSupervised learning in function space
WedNov 0223:10Yonah Borns-WeilObservable Trotter error bounds in the semiclassical regime
MonOct 2423:10Matthew ColbrookResidual Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Rigorous Data-Driven Computation of Spectral Properties of Koopman Operators for Dynamical Systems
WedOct 1923:10Li GaoLogarithmic Sobolev inequalities for matrices and matrix-valued functions
WedOct 1223:10Mark FornaceTheoretical methods for nucleic acid secondary structure thermodynamics and kinetics
WedOct 0523:10Chao MaImplicit bias of optimization algorithms for neural networks and their effects on generalization
WedSep 2823:10Felix LeditzkyThe platypus of the quantum channel zoo
WedSep 2123:10Li WangVariational methods for gradient flow
WedSep 1423:10Krutika TawriOn stochastic partial differential equations with a Ladyzenskaya-Smagorinsky type nonlinearity
WedSep 0723:10Mo ZhouNeural network approaches for high dimensional problems
WedApr 2723:10Houman OwhadiComputational Graph Completion
WedApr 2023:10Minh TranThe propagation of information in power-law interacting systems
WedApr 1323:10Dejan SlepcevProper regularizers for semi-supervised learning
WedApr 0623:10Michael I WeinsteinDiscrete honeycombs, rational edges and edge states
WedMar 3023:10Guillaume BalAsymmetric transport and topological invariants
WedMar 2323:10Spring break. No seminarTBA
WedMar 1623:10Eitan TadmorHierarchical decomposition of images and the problem of Bourgain-Brezis
ThuMar 1000:10Michael FrancoRelating high-order fluid flow problems to simpler subproblems to create efficient preconditioners
ThuMar 0300:10Samuel OlivierHigh Order Finite Element Discretizations of the Variable Eddington Factor Equations for Accelerating Radiation Transport Calculations on Curved Meshes
FriFeb 2500:10Di FangMathematics Department Colloquium: Quantum algorithms for Hamiltonian simulation with unbounded operators
ThuFeb 2400:10Andre LaestadiusEnergy error estimate for coupled-cluster excited states
ThuFeb 1700:10Jingwei HuAn efficient dynamical low-rank algorithm for the Boltzmann-BGK equation close to the compressible viscous flow regime
WedFeb 0918:10Yunan YangAdjoint DSMC Method for Boltzmann-Constrained Optimization Problems
ThuFeb 0300:10Alina ChertockStructure Preserving Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation and Balance Laws
ThuJan 2700:10No seminarTBA
ThuDec 0900:10Alexandre ChorinTBA
ThuDec 0200:10Aditi KrishnapriyanIntegrating machine learning with physics-based spatial and temporal modeling
ThuNov 1100:10Jason KayeEfficient numerical algorithms for simulating quantum dynamics
WedNov 0323:10Yu TongQuantum eigenstate filtering and its applications
WedOct 2718:10Song MeiThe efficiency of kernel methods on structured datasets
WedOct 2023:10Emanuel GullNevanlinna Analytical Continuation
WedOct 1323:10Franziska WeberA Convergent Numerical Method for a Model of Liquid Crystal Director Coupled to An Electric Field
WedOct 0623:10Di FangTime-dependent unbounded Hamiltonian simulation with vector norm scaling
WedSep 2923:10Simon BeckerMathematical properties of twisted bilayer graphene
WedSep 2223:10Michael LindseyEmbedding approaches for classical and quantum statistical mechanics
WedSep 1523:10Natalia KomarovaMathematical methods in cancer dynamics
WedSep 0823:10Jeffrey KuanA stochastic fluid-structure interaction problem describing Stokes flow interacting with a membrane
WedSep 0123:10Thomas HouPotential singularity of 3D incompressible Euler equations and the nearly singular behavior of 3D Navier-Stokes equations
WedApr 2823:10Seung-Yeal HaEmergent behaviors of Lohe tensor flocks
WedApr 2123:10Phillip ColellaNumerical Analysis of Particle-in-Cell Methods for Advection-Type Partial Differential Equations
WedApr 1423:10Zhennan ZhouEfficient Sampling of Thermal Averages of Interacting Quantum Particle Systems: preconditioning and simulation with random batches
WedApr 0723:10Jimmy XiaMathematical modeling of human learning and decision making
WedMar 3123:10Mitchell LuskinMathematics and Physics at the Moiré Scale
FriMar 1917:10Yuan SuNearly tight Trotterization of interacting electrons
ThuMar 1100:10Fernando CasasSymmetric-conjugate composition methods in the numerical integration of differential equations
ThuMar 0400:10Doron LevyFighting drug resistance with math
ThuFeb 2500:10Zhenning CaiOn the method of complex Langevin
ThuFeb 1800:10Zhewei YaoSecond Order Methods for Neural Network Analysis, Training, and Inference
ThuFeb 1100:10Dongbin XiuTBA
ThuFeb 0400:10Jianfeng LuTowards solving high dimensional PDEs using neural networks
ThuJan 2800:10Ruiwen ShuLinear interpolation convexity/concavity in the minimization of attractive-repulsive energy
ThuJan 2100:10Andrew HorningComputing spectral properties of infinite-dimensional operators
ThuDec 0300:10Robert WebberMonte Carlo methods for the Hermitian eigenvalue problem
ThuNov 1900:10James StokesFirst-quantized neural networks for lattice fermions
ThuNov 1200:10Jiequn HanSolving High-Dimensional PDEs, Controls, and Games with Deep Learning
ThuNov 0500:10Xiaochuan TianReproducing kernel collocation methods for nonlocal models: asymptotic compatibility and numerical stability
WedOct 2823:10Dong AnQuantum adiabatic evolution and applications in computational physics and quantum computing
WedOct 2123:10Rolando SommaQuantum linear systems problem: solution and verification
WedOct 1423:10Franziska WeberNumerical approximation of statistical solutions of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
WedOct 0723:10Aditi KrishnapriyanPersistent Homology Advances Interpretable Machine Learning for Scientific Applications
WedSep 3023:10Andrew ChildsSymmetries, graph properties, and quantum speedups
WedSep 2323:10Martina BukacA computational framework for fluid-structure interaction problems
WedSep 1623:10Alex TownsendThe ultraspherical spectral method
WedSep 0923:10Weile JiaHPC+AI: pushing ab initio MD to 100 million atoms on the Summit supercomputer
WedSep 0223:10Chao MaThe Slow Deterioration of the Generalization Error of the Random Feature Model
WedAug 2623:10Stefan SteinerbergerSolving Linear Systems of Equations via Randomized Kaczmarz/Stochastic Gradient Descent
TueAug 1823:10Yanhe HuangAxisymmetric bubbles rising in 3D and a new accurate algorithm for evaluating orthogonal polynomials
WedMay 1323:10Linfeng ZhangSymmetry preserving neural network models for molecular modelling
WedMay 0623:10Tamara KoldaPractical leverage-based sampling for low-rank tensor decomposition
WedApr 2923:10Ken KamrinToward reduced-order models for flowing grains: Surprising complexity meets surprising simplicity
WedApr 2223:10Michael MahoneyDeterminantal point processes and randomized numerical linear algebra
WedApr 0823:10Lexing YingSolving inverse problems with deep learning
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