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Audience: Researchers in the topic
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Past talks
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ThuMar 1612:30(TBC)Dark matter searches with atom interferometry
ThuFeb 2312:30Mario ReigAxion couplings in Grand Unified Theories
ThuFeb 1612:30THOMAS HAMBYEGauge symmetry stabilization of the dark matter particles
ThuFeb 0912:30Gilad PerezNew insights on ultralight dark matter searches: oscillating charge radius and solar halo
ThuFeb 0212:30Prof. Sungwoo HongNeutrino Masses from Generalized Symmetry Breaking
ThuJan 2612:30Vedran BrdarThe Neutrino Magnetic Moment Portal: Phenomenology and UV Completions
ThuJan 1912:30Peter StanglAutomating BSM Phenomenology
ThuJan 1212:30Julia GehrleinNew neutrino interactions and where to find them.
ThuDec 0812:30Jeremie QuevillonFrom axions to quantum anomalies with EFTs
ThuNov 2412:30Cedric DelaunayMuon magnetic moment from Muonium
ThuNov 1713:30Yonatan KahnAxion wind detection with the homogeneous precession domain of superfluid helium-3
ThuNov 1012:30Alan BarrQuantum foundations at colliders
ThuNov 0312:30Andreas HelsetGeometry in Scattering Amplitudes
ThuOct 2711:30Reuven BalkinSearching for light new physics from stars to tabletop
ThuOct 2011:30Gilly ElorMesogenesis
ThuOct 1311:30Nico GubernariStandard Model Predictions and Global Fits for π‘β†’π‘ πœ‡+πœ‡-
ThuSep 2914:00Chia-Hsien ShenRadiated Angular Momentum and Dissipative Effects in Classical Scattering
ThuSep 2211:30Rafael AoudeClassical gravitational scattering from spinning amplitudes
ThuSep 0111:30Nicholas Llewellyn RoddPositivity and the Topography of the SMEFT
ThuAug 2511:30Rachel HoutzDiscrete Goldstone Bosons
ThuAug 1111:30Dong Woo KangCosmic birefringence mediated by dark U(1)
ThuJul 2811:30Diego Blas TeminoBridging gaps and jumping into the void: new opportunities in the spectrum of GWs
ThuJul 2111:30Alex PomarolWilson Coefficients and Natural Zeros from the On-Shell Viewpoint
ThuJul 1411:30Tom MeliaTime evolution in quantum cosmology
ThuJul 0711:30Simone BlasiDomain walls seeding the electroweak phase transition
ThuJun 3011:30Alex PomarolWilson Coefficients and Natural Zeros from the On-Shell Viewpoint
ThuJun 2311:30Elena PinettiParticle dark matter searches with cosmic voids
ThuJun 1611:30Josef PradlerThe photon mass as the portal to new physics
ThuJun 0211:30Henning BahlCP violation in the Higgs sector by Henning Bahl
ThuMay 1911:30Sarah GellerPrimordial Black Holes from Multifield Inflation with Non-minimal Couplings
ThuMay 1211:30Benjamin StefanekFlavor hierarchies, flavor anomalies, and the Higgs mass from a warped extra dimension
ThuMay 0511:30Marzia BordoneThe Vcb puzzle
ThuApr 2811:30Yuber Perez-GonzalezPrimordial Black Holes as Particle Factories in the Early Universe
ThuApr 2113:00Liam McAllisterPQ Axiverse
ThuApr 1411:30Valerie DomckeA novel search for high-frequency gravitational waves with low-mass axion haloscopes
ThuApr 0714:00Latham BoyleA two-sheeted, CPT-symmetric universe
ThuMar 3111:30Tania RobensExtended scalar sectors at current and future colliders
ThuMar 2415:00Justin KhouryCriticality in Eternal Inflation
ThuMar 1712:30David KaplanA Modification of Quantum Mechanics
ThuMar 1012:30Juri SmirnovThermal Squeezeout of Dark Matter and local Accidental Asymmetry
ThuMar 0312:30Kevin James KellyLooking for Right-Handed Neutrinos in all the Wrong(?) Places
ThuFeb 2412:30Gauthier DurieuxAmplitudes
ThuFeb 1712:30David William SutherlandSMEFT vs HEFT
ThuFeb 0312:30Daniele TeresiSliding Naturalness
ThuJan 2712:30Joseph DavighiElectroweak flavour unification
ThuJan 1315:00Ofri TelemConfinement and Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Near-SUSY Theories
ThuDec 0912:30Sebastian EllisStellar Shocks
ThuDec 0212:30Itay BlochThe NASDUCK collaboration: using quantum magnetometers to look for ultralight dark matter
ThuNov 2512:30Apostolos PilaftsisAre We Already Living on a Supermanifold?
ThuNov 1815:00Brian ShuveNeutrino and Leptogenesis
ThuNov 1112:30Marat FreytsisParticle Physics with Quantum Computers
ThuOct 2811:30Felix KlingForward Physics Facility: Sites, Experiments, and Physics Potential
ThuOct 2111:30Joshua FosterAdaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations of Post-Inflationary Axion Misalignment
ThuOct 1411:30Disha BhatiaFrugal π‘ˆ(1)𝑋 models with non-minimal flavor violation for 𝑏→𝑠ℓℓ anomalies and neutrino mixings
ThuOct 0711:30Volodymyr TakhistovExploring Depths of the Dark: Neutrinos, Axion Explosions and Multiverse Black Holes
ThuSep 3011:00James ManganCovariant Color-Kinematics Duality
ThuJul 2913:00ANUPAM RAYMergers as a Probe of Particle Dark Matter
ThuJul 1513:00Tobias BinderNon-equilibrium theory of non-relativistic pairs inside an environment
ThuJul 0813:00Ken Van TilburgResults and simulations for solar basins of light bosonic particles
ThuJul 0113:00Jack Shergoldtalk by Jack Shergold
ThuJun 1713:00Admir GreljoA Model of Muon Anomalies
ThuJun 1013:00Slava MukhanovQuantum fluctuations and new instantons
ThuJun 0313:00Zohar KomargodskiThe very high temperature limit of QFT
ThuMay 2715:00David B. KaplanGravitational contributions to the electron g-factor
ThuMay 2014:00Benjamin AllanachSolving the u(1)xSM anomaly equations
ThuMay 0613:00Sophie RennerThe flavour phenomenology of ALP EFTs
ThuApr 2913:00Ilja DorsnerNovel Leptoquark Pair Production at LHC
ThuApr 1515:00Nick RoddNew ideas for the axion dark matter program
ThuApr 0813:00Aritra GuptaDark matter capture in Celestial objects: Effect of multi-scattering and light mediator
ThuApr 0113:00Azadeh MaleknejadIs Our Universe the Remnant of Chiral Anomaly in Inflation?
ThuMar 2514:00Akshay GhalsasiAxions, Domain Walls, and Cosmic Strings
ThuMar 1814:00Yu-Dai TsaiThe High Energy-Intensity Frontier - Resonant Dark Mesons & FORMOSA
ThuMar 1114:00Raffaele Tito D'agnoloThe Weak Scale as a Trigger
ThuMar 0414:00Nima Arkani-HamedUV/IR, Celestial Amplitudes, and the Anti-Wilsonian Paradigm
ThuFeb 2514:00Rick S. GuptaA heavy axion/'massless up' from partial compositeness
ThuFeb 1816:00Isabel Garcia GarciaP not PQ
ThuFeb 1114:00Ferruccio FeruglioGauge Anomaly Cancellation in Effective Field Theories
ThuFeb 0414:00Diego RedigoloRipples in Spacetime from Broken Supersymmetry
ThuJan 2814:00Tzu-Chen HuangThe EFTHedron
ThuJan 2114:00Gabriele RigoAnomaly inflow and holography
ThuJan 1414:00Juan Carlos Criado ÁlamoElectroweak Skyrmions
ThuDec 0314:00Francesco RivaPositive Moments for Scattering Amplitudes
ThuNov 2614:00Fotis Farakosde Sitter decay through goldstino evaporation
ThuNov 1916:00Ofri TelemScattering Amplitudes for Monopoles: Pairwise Little Group and Pairwise Helicity
ThuOct 2914:00Patrick FoldenauerLight Dark Matter Annihilation and Scattering in LHC Detectors
ThuOct 2213:00Jordy de VriesLepton number violation in effective field theory
ThuOct 1513:00Iftah GalonSynchrotron-Like Radiation Beyond The Standard Model I: Hunting for new physics with the Sokolov-Ternov effect
ThuOct 0813:00Alexander MoninMultiparticle processes, large charge and semiclassics
ThuOct 0113:00Majid EkhterachianHolography of the cosmological phase transition of composite Higgs confinement
ThuSep 2413:00Steven Adam AbelQuantum Annealers as a Laboratory for Quantum Physics
ThuSep 1713:00Joe DavighiGlobal anomalies in the Standard Model(s) and Beyond
ThuSep 0313:00Javier Fuentes-MartinThird-family quark-lepton unification with a fundamental composite Higgs
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