Ohio State Topology and Geometric Group Theory Seminar

algebraic topology differential geometry general topology group theory geometric topology

Ohio State University

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizer: Rachel Skipper*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueNov 0915:20Mitul IslamConvex co-compact groups and relative hyperbolicity
ThuApr 2215:30Nicolas Matte-BonConfined subgroups and highly transitive actions
TueApr 2017:00Jim FowlerTBA
ThuApr 1517:00Tim RileyTBA
TueApr 1317:00Tian-Jun LiTBA
TueApr 0617:00Hung Cong TranTBA
ThuMar 2517:00Andy PutmanTBA
TueMar 2317:00Stephan MescherTBA
ThuMar 1817:00Jason BehrstockHierarchically hyperbolic groups: an introduction
TueMar 1617:00Aaron CalderonMeasure laminations and unipotent flows on moduli space
TueMar 0923:30Makoto SakumaHomotopy motions of surfaces in 3-manifolds
ThuMar 0421:15Rostislav GrigorchukTBA
ThuFeb 2518:00Stefan WitzelUncountably many simple groups up to quasi-isometry
TueFeb 1618:00Roman SauerAction on Cantor spaces and macroscopic scalar curvature
ThuFeb 1118:00Yulan QingSublinearly Morse Boundary of Groups
TueFeb 0923:00Yash LodaSpaces of enumerated orderable groups
ThuFeb 0418:00Teddy EinsteinRelatively Geometric Actions on CAT(0) Cube Complexes
TueFeb 0218:00David HumeCoarse Geometry of Groups and Spaces
ThuJan 2818:00Panagiots Konstantis (Marburg)GKM manifolds - Interactions between combinatorics and topology
TueJan 2618:00Francis WagnerTorsion Subgroups of Groups with Quadratic Dehn Function
ThuJan 2118:00Daniel BerlyneGraph products as hierarchically hyperbolic groups
TueJan 1918:00Mike DavisBordifications of hyperplane arrangement complements and curve complexes of spherical Artin groups
TueJan 1218:00Christoforos NeofytidisEndomorphisms of mapping tori
ThuDec 0316:00Ilir SnopceRetracts in free groups
ThuNov 1916:00Daniel WoodhouseAction rigidity of free products of hyperbolic manifold groups
TueNov 1716:00Xiaolei WuOn the poly-freeness of Artin groups
TueNov 1016:00Alex MargolisTopological completions of quasi-actions and discretisable spaces
TueOct 2715:00Mauricio BustamanteDiffeomorphisms of solid tori
ThuOct 1515:00Laurent BartholdiDomino problems on graphs and groups
TueSep 2915:00Benjamin SteinbergSimplicity of Nekrashevych algebras of contracting self-similar groups
TueSep 2215:00Lvzhou ChenStable commutator lengths of integral chains in right-angled Artin groups
ThuAug 2715:00Waltraud LederleConjugacy in Neretin's group
TueAug 2515:00Sam ShepherdQuasi-isometric rigidity of generic cyclic HNN extensions of free groups
TueJul 1418:00Johnny NicholsonProjective modules and the homotopy classification of CW-complexes
TueJun 1619:00Jim BelkOn Finitely Presented Groups that Contain Q
WedJun 1015:00Mark PengitoreCoarse embeddings and homological filling functions
TueNov 0516:00Marcin SabokHyperfiniteness at Gromov boundaries
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