Bangalore Probability Seminar

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Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore / Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Every other Monday 09:00-11:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: D Yogeshwaran*, Sreekar Vadlamani
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The link to zoom meeting can be found on the seminar's google calendar -

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
MonMay 0209:00Ph.D. Students / PostdocsShort-talks
MonApr 2509:00Ph.D. Students / PostdocsShort-talks
MonApr 1109:00Antti KnowlesSpectral phases of Erdös-Rényi graphs
WedMar 1609:00Alison EtheridgeTBA
MonMar 1409:00Alison EtheridgeTBA
MonFeb 2109:00Eliran SubagThe free energy of pure spherical models: computation from the TAP approach
MonFeb 0710:00Kesav KrishnanDisordered Monomer Dimer Models on Cylinder Graphs
MonFeb 0709:00Soumendu Sunder MukherjeeTBA
MonJan 2410:00Maurizia RossiTBA
MonJan 2409:00Domenico MarinucciTBA
MonDec 0610:00Saeda MarelloMetastability for the Curie-Weiss model on inhomogeneous random graphs: results and challenges
MonDec 0609:00Elena PulvirentiMetastability for the dilute Curie-Weiss model with Glauber dynamics
MonNov 2209:00Sumit MukerjeeTBA
MonNov 0810:00Riddhipratim BasuEnvironment seen from infinite geodesics in Liouville quantum gravity
MonNov 0809:00Riddhipratim BasuA non-technical introduction to the Liouville quantum gravity metric
MonOct 1809:00Sarah PeningtonGenealogy of the N-particle branching random walk with polynomial tails
MonOct 0410:00Sándor RokobPercolation of worms-II
MonOct 0409:00Balazs RathPercolation of worms-I
MonSep 0609:00Sayantan ChakrabortyImproved Bounds for Perfect Sampling of k-Colorings in Graphs.
MonMay 0310:00Sarath YasodharanLarge deviations of mean-field interacting particle systems in a fast varying environment
MonMay 0309:00Gugan ThoppeActive Cases and Disease Extinction in the Stochastic SIR Model: Estimates with Probabilistic Guarantees
MonApr 1910:00Kunwoo KimPhase Analysis for a family of Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Equations
MonApr 1909:00Mohammud FoondunTBA
MonApr 1209:00Justin SalezAn entropic interpretation of the cutoff phenomenon for finite Markov chains
FriMar 1910:30Vladimir VovkConformal hypothesis testing
FriMar 1909:30Vladimir VovkConformal prediction
ThuMar 1809:30Martin BarlowHarnack inequalities - from PDE to random graphs
TueMar 1609:30Martin BarlowHarnack inequalities - from PDE to random graphs
MonMar 1510:30Vladimir VovkMultiple hypothesis testing with e-values
MonMar 1509:30Vladimir VovkMartingales in the foundations of statistics
MonFeb 1510:00Subhajit GhoshTotal variation cutoff for the flip-transpose top with random shuffle
MonFeb 1509:00M. E. Lakshmi PriyaOvercrowding estimates for nodal volume of stationary Gaussian processes (SGPs) on R^d
MonFeb 0110:00Aron WenmannThe forbidden region for random zeros: appearance of quadrature domains
MonFeb 0109:00Alon NishryGaussian complex zeros: conditional distribution on rare events
FriJan 2904:30Kerrie MengersenBayesian Modelling and Analysis of Challenging Data
WedJan 2704:30Kerrie MengersenBayesian Modelling and Analysis of Challenging Data
WedDec 0910:00Rajesh SundaresanSero-Survey in Karnataka State: Summary, Design, and Statistical Methodology
WedDec 0909:00Siva AthreyaSero-Survey in Karnataka State: Summary, Design, and Statistical Methodology
WedDec 0209:00Radoslaw AdamczakFunctional inequalities and moment estimates
WedNov 2509:00D. YogeshwaranSharp phase transition and noise sensitivity in continuum percolation via continuous time decision trees.
WedNov 0405:00Ryoki FukushimaAnnealed random walk conditioned on survival among Bernoulli obstacles
WedOct 2109:00Manjunath KrishnapurTwo proofs of the KMT theorems
WedOct 0709:00Rahul RoyOn models of evolution of species
WedSep 2311:00Joseph YukichConvex Hulls of Random Point Sets
WedSep 1610:00Stephen MuirheadOn the number of level sets of smooth Gaussian fields - II
WedSep 1609:00Dmitry BelyaevOn the number of level sets of smooth Gaussian fields - I
WedAug 2605:00Hao WuCrossing Probabilities in 2D Critical Lattice Models
WedAug 1210:00Parthanil RoyGroup measure space construction, ergodicity and superrigidity for stable random fields
WedAug 1209:00Antar BandyopadhyayA Last Progeny Modified Branching Random Walk
WedJul 2909:00Manan BhatiaModerate deviation estimates in stationary last passage percolation.
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