BIMSA Integrable Systems Seminar

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mathematical physics dynamical systems quantum algebra representation theory symplectic geometry

Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Audience: General audience
Seminar series time: Tuesday 08:00-09:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Niсolai Reshetikhin, Ivan Sechin, Andrey Tsiganov*
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The aim is to bring together experts in integrable systems and related areas of theoretical and mathematical physics and mathematics. There will be research presentations and overview talks.

Audience: Graduate students and researchers interested in integrable systems and related mathematical structures, such as symplectic and Poisson geometry and representation theory.

The zoom link will be distributed by mail, so please join the mailing list if you are interested in attending the seminar.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
TueSep 1908:00Valeriy G. BardakovYang-Baxter equation, relative Rota-Baxter operators and skew braces
FriJun 1609:00Yasuyuki Kawahigashi$\alpha$-induction, tensor categories and operator algebras
FriJun 0909:00Sergey SergeevSpectral equations for a class of entire $Q$-operators
FriJun 0209:00Ian RoulstoneApplications of symplectic geometry in fluid dynamics
FriMay 2609:00Yunfeng JiangSpin-s rational Q-system
FriMay 1909:00Piergiulio TempestaGeneralized Nijenhuis geometry and applications to Hamiltonian integrable systems
FriMay 1209:00Jules LamersBethe ansatz inside Calogero--Sutherland models
FriMay 0509:00Maria MatushkoAnisotropic spin generalization of elliptic Ruijsenaars-Macdonald operators and related integrable long-range spin chains
FriApr 2809:00Roberto D'OnofrioSingularities in geophysical fluid dynamics through Monge-Ampère geometry
FriApr 2109:00Youjin ZhangLinear reciprocal transformations of bihamiltonian integrable hierarchies
FriApr 1409:00Vladimir RubtsovSymplectic and Contact Geometry of Monge– Ampère equation: Introduction and application
FriApr 0709:00Ievgen MakedonskyiDuality theorems for current algebras
FriMar 3109:00Yunhe ShengRota-Baxter groups, post-groups and related structures
FriMar 2409:00Huijun FanOn the Geometry of Landau-Ginzburg Model
FriMar 1709:00Grigori OlshanskiThe centralizer construction and Yangian-type algebras
FriMar 1009:00Leonid RybnikovBethe subalgebras and Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals
FriMar 0309:00Anton DzhamayGeometry of Discrete Integrable Systems: QRT Maps and Discrete Painlevé Equations
FriFeb 2409:00Irina BobrovaDifferent approaches for constructing non-abelian Painlevé equations
FriFeb 1709:00Masatoshi NoumiElliptic van Diejen difference operators and elliptic hypergeometric integrals of Selberg type
FriFeb 1009:00Pavel NikitinSemifinite harmonic functions on Bratteli diagrams
FriFeb 0309:00Yuancheng XieOn the full Kostant-Toda lattice and the flag varieties
FriJan 2709:00Yuri YakubovichRandom growth of Young diagrams with uniform marginals
FriJan 2009:00Dmitry TalalaevThe full Toda system, QR decomposition and geometry of the flag varieties
FriJan 1309:00Anton NazarovSkew Howe duality, limit shapes of Young diagrams and universal fluctuations
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