Paris algebra seminar

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K-theory and homology quantum algebra rings and algebras representation theory

Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris Rive Gauche / Sorbonne Université / Université de Paris / Université de Reims Champagne-Ardennes

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series times: Monday 13:00-14:00, 13:00-14:00, 13:00-14:00, 13:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Bernhard Keller*, David Hernandez, Sophie Morier-Genoud
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For the Zoom links and passwords, please subscribe to the mailing list (link and password will be emailed shortly before each talk) or contact one of the organizers. The slides and notes are available here. For recordings of talks, please contact Bernhard Keller.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonNov 2213:00Ryo FujitaDeformed Cartan matrices and generalized preprojective algebras, II
MonNov 2213:00Kota MurakamiDeformed Cartan matrices and generalized preprojective algebras, I
MonNov 1513:00Lang MouGeneralized cluster dualities
MonNov 0813:00Haicheng ZhangHall algebras of extriangulated categories and quantum cluster algebras
MonOct 2512:00Lucien Hennecart(Canonical) bases of the elliptic Hall algebra
MonOct 1812:00Matthew PresslandA cluster character for y-variables
MonOct 1112:00Maxim GurevichRSK-transform for L-parameters
MonOct 0412:00Giovanni Cerulli IrelliOn degeneration and extensions of symplectic and orthogonal quiver representations
MonJul 0512:00Ehud MeirInterpolations of monoidal categories by invariant theory
MonJun 2812:00Mikhail GorskyBraid varieties, positroids, and Legendrian links
MonJun 2112:00Shunsuke KanoCategorical dynamical systems arising from sign-stable mutation loops
MonJun 1412:00Justine FasquelRationality at admissible levels of the simple W-algebras associated with subregular nilpotent elements in sp_4
MonJun 0712:00Pierrick BousseauThe flow tree formula for Donaldson-Thomas invariants of quivers with potentials
MonMay 3112:00Damien CalaqueCalabi-Yau structures for multiplicative preprojective algebras
MonMay 2412:00Dan KaplanMultiplicative preprojective algebras for Dynkin quivers
MonMay 1712:00Sachin GautamPoles of finite-dimensional representations of Yangians
MonMay 1012:00Pierre BaumannExplicit calculations in the geometric Satake equivalence
MonMay 0312:00Oleksandr TsymbaliukQuantum loop groups and shuffle algebras via Lyndon words
MonApr 2612:00Gregg MusikerCombinatorial Expansion Formulas for Decorated Super-Teichmüller Spaces
MonApr 1912:00Nicholas WilliamsThe higher Stasheff–Tamari orders in representation theory
MonApr 1212:00Erik DarpoePeriodic trivial extension algebras and fractionally Calabi–Yau algebras
MonMar 2912:00Sergey MozgovoyOperadic approach to wall-crossing and attractor invariants
MonMar 2213:00Alexander P. VeselovAutomorphic Lie algebras and modular forms
MonMar 1513:00Deniz KusPrime representations in the Hernandez-Leclerc category
MonMar 0813:00Ryo FujitaIsomorphisms among quantum Grothendieck rings and propagation of positivity
MonMar 0113:00Amnon YekutieliRigidity, Residues and Duality: Overview and Recent Progress
MonFeb 2213:00Valentin OvsienkoCombinatorial and analytic properties of q-deformed real numbers
MonFeb 1513:00Milen YakimovRoot of unity quantum cluster algebras
MonFeb 0813:00Sondre KvammeAdmissibly finitely presented functors for exact categories
MonFeb 0113:00Pedro TamaroffPoincaré--Birkhoff--Witt theorems: homotopical and effective computational methods for universal envelopes
MonJan 2513:00Victoria LebedHomotopical tools for computing rack homology
MonJan 1813:00Estanislao HerscovichDouble quasi-Poisson algebras are pre-Calabi-Yau
MonJan 1113:00Manon DefosseuxBrownian motion in the unit interval and the Littelmann path model
MonDec 1413:00Emmanuel LetellierE-series of character varieties associated with non orientable surfaces
MonDec 0713:00Ruslan MaksimauKLR algebras for curves and semi-cuspidal representations
MonNov 3013:00Markus ReinekeWild quantum dilogarithm identities
MonNov 2313:00Sarah ScherotzkeCotangent complexes of moduli spaces and Ginzburg dg algebras
MonNov 1613:00Eleonore FaberMcKay quivers of complex reflection groups and the McKay correspondence
MonNov 0913:00Stéphane LaunoisCatenarity and Tauvel’s height formula for quantum nilpotent algebras
MonNov 0213:00Elie CasbiEquivariant multiplicities of simply-laced type flag minors
MonOct 2613:00Wai-kit YeungPre-Calabi-Yau algebras
MonOct 1912:00Norihiro HaniharaCluster categories of formal dg algebras
MonOct 1212:00Ryo FujitaTwisted Auslander-Reiten quivers, quantum Cartan matrix and representation theory of quantum affine algebras
MonOct 0512:00Dylan AllegrettiWall-crossing and differential equations
MonSep 2812:00Zhengfang Wang$B_\infty$-algebras and Keller’s conjecture for singular Hochschild cohomology
MonSep 2112:00Maria Julia Redondo$L_\infty$-structure on Barzdell's complex for monomial algebras
MonSep 1412:00Liran ShaulThe Cohen–Macaulay property in derived algebraic geometry
MonJul 1312:00Osamu IyamaTilting theory of contracted preprojective algebras and cDV singularities
MonJul 0612:30Mikhail GorskyExact structures and degenerations of Hall algebras, II
MonJul 0612:00Xin Fang (房欣)Exact structures and degenerations of Hall algebras, I
MonJun 2912:00Linyuan Liu (刘琳媛)Modular Brylinski-Kostant filtration of tilting modules
MonJun 2212:00Myungho KimBraid group action on the module category of quantum affine algebras
MonJun 1512:00Christof GeissGeneric bases for surface cluster algebras
MonJun 0812:30Yuta KimuraCombinatorics of quasi-hereditary structures, II
MonJun 0812:00Baptiste RognerudCombinatorics of quasi-hereditary structures, I
MonJun 0112:00Gustavo JassoThe symplectic geometry of higher Auslander algebras
MonMay 2512:00Hironori OyaNewton-Okounkov polytopes of Schubert varieties arising from cluster structures and representation-theoretic polytopes
MonMay 1812:00Fan Qin (覃㠶)Dual canonical bases and quantum cluster algebras
MonMay 1112:00Adrien BrochierOn invertible braided tensor categories
MonMay 0412:00Michael CuntzFrieze patterns with coefficients
MonApr 2712:00Pierre-Guy PlamondonAssociahedra and the Grothendieck group of an extriangulated structure on the cluster category
MonApr 2012:00Theo RaedscheldersProper connective differential graded algebras and their geometric realizations
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