UCSB Seminar on Geometry and Arithmetic

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algebraic geometry number theory

University of California, Santa Barbara

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 00:30-02:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Adebisi Agboola, Francesc Castella*, Zheng Liu*, Xiaolei Zhao*
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Past talks
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FriFeb 1700:30Florian SprungOn characteristic power series of dual signed Selmer groups
ThuDec 0117:30Andrew GrahamA unipotent circle action on nearly overconvergent modular forms
ThuOct 0623:30Waqar ShahZeta elements for Shimura varieties II: Examples
ThuSep 2923:30Waqar ShahZeta elements for Shimura Varieties I: Generalities
FriApr 2900:30Xin WanIwasawa theory and Bloch-Kato conjecture for unitary groups
FriApr 2200:30Chan-Ho KimA structural refinement of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture
FriFeb 2500:30Sarah FreiReduction of Brauer classes on K3 surfaces
ThuFeb 1017:30Stevan GajovicQuadratic Chabauty for integral points and p-adic heights on even degree hyperelliptic curves
ThuFeb 0317:30Daniel DisegniTheta cycles
FriJan 2800:30Andres Fernandez HerreroIntrinsic construction of moduli spaces via affine Grassmannians
ThuJan 2017:30Kazim BuyukbodukArithmetic of $\theta$-critical p-adic L-functions
FriDec 0300:30Isabella NegriniA Shimura-Shintani correspondence for rigid analytic cocycles
ThuNov 0423:30Cristian PopescuAn equivariant Tamagawa number formula for Drinfeld modules and beyond
ThuOct 2823:30Salim TayouEquidistribution of Hodge loci
FriJun 1122:00Yilong ZhangHilbert schemes of skew lines on cubic threefolds
FriJun 0422:00Anthony Várilly-AlvaradoFrom Merel's theorem to Brauer groups of K3 surfaces
FriMay 2822:00Jon AycockOverconvergent Differential Operators for Hilbert Modular Forms
FriMay 2122:00Boya WenA Gross-Zagier Formula for CM cycles over Shimura Curves
FriMay 1418:00Adel BetinaEisenstein intersection points on the Hilbert Eigenvariety
FriMay 0718:00Yukako KezukaTamagawa number divisibility of central $L$-values
FriApr 3022:00Daniel LittThe tropical section conjecture
FriApr 2322:10Gill MossModuli of Langlands parameters
FriApr 1622:00Tony FengHigher Siegel-Weil formulas over function fields
FriApr 0922:00Huachen ChenBrill-Noether loci for K3 categories
FriApr 0222:00Isabel VogtBrill--Noether theory over the Hurwitz space
FriMar 1918:00Jie LinPeriods and L-values of automorphic motives
FriMar 1223:00Kazuto OtaOn Iwasawa theory for CM elliptic curves at inert primes
FriMar 0523:00David NguyenDistribution of the ternary divisor function in arithmetic progressions
FriFeb 2623:00Peng ZhouDerived Equivalences from Variation of Lagrangian Skeletons
FriFeb 1923:00Alexander SmithSelmer groups and a Cassels-Tate pairing for finite Galois modules
FriFeb 1223:00Jiuya WangPointwise Bound for $\ell$-torsion of Class Groups
FriFeb 0523:00Ziquan YangFiniteness and the Tate Conjecture in Codimension 2 for K3 Squares
FriJan 2923:00Nick AddingtonModuli spaces of sheaves on moduli spaces of sheaves
FriJan 2219:00Ziyang GaoBound on the number of rational points on curves
FriJan 1523:00Botong WangThe algebraic geometry of posets
FriJan 0823:00Sam MundyCuspidal $p$-adic deformations of critical Eisenstein series for $G_2$
ThuDec 1723:30Bharath PalvannanCongruence ideal associated to Yoshida lifts
ThuDec 1023:30Olivier MartinThe degree of irrationality of most abelian g-folds is at least 2g
ThuDec 1019:00Jaclyn LangEisenstein congruences at prime-square level and an application to class numbers
ThuDec 0323:30Alice PozziDerivatives of Hida families and rigid meromorphic cocycles
ThuNov 1923:30Rujie YangDecomposition theorem for semisimple local systems
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