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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Wednesday 12:00-14:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Marie Gauthier*
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Past talks
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WedJun 1212:00Krishna RajagopalNovel Probes of the Primordial Liquid
WedMay 0812:00Gilad PerezNew era in dark matter searches the dawn of the (nuclear) clocks
WedApr 2412:00Jean-Yves OllitraultQCD thermodynamics from LHC data
WedMar 2013:00Peter SkandsAnatomy of LHC Collisions - And Future Challenges
WedMar 1313:00Miguel Escudero AbenzaModern Neutrino Cosmology
WedFeb 2113:00Antonin PortelliChallenges in high-precision determinations of CKM matrix elements using lattice QCD
WedFeb 1413:00Fernando QuevedoOn Quantum Transitions and the String Landscape
WedNov 2913:00Juan RojoPhysics with TeV Neutrinos from the LHC
WedOct 1812:00Djuna CroonDark matter and celestial objects: new phenomenological opportunities
WedOct 1112:00Christophe GrojeanHiggs and Beyond the Standard Model: from LHC to future colliders
WedSep 2712:00Matthias BartelmannKinetic field theory for cosmic structure formation
WedSep 1312:00Eiichiro KomatsuParity Violation in Cosmology
WedJul 2612:00Surjeet RajendranA Causal Framework for Non-Linear Quantum Mechanics
WedJul 1912:00Antoine PetiteauScience prospects for LISA
MonJul 1712:00Robert WaldQuantum Superpositions of Massive Bodies and Gravitationally Mediated Entanglement
WedJul 1212:00Masanori HanadaFrom matrix model to string theory and M-theory
WedJul 0512:00Massimiliano GrazziniThe Higgs boson and the top quark: precision theory for the LHC and beyond
WedJun 2112:00Brian FieldsBig-Bang Nucleosynthesis: Beyond the Lithium Problem?
WedJun 1412:00Elina FuchsQuantum sensing for New Physics and Gravitational Waves
WedJun 0712:00Gregory KorchemskyIntegrability of high-energy QCD
WedMay 2412:00Elina FuchsQuantum sensing for New Physics and Gravitational Waves
WedMay 1712:00Stefan FloerchingerQuantum field simulator for dynamics in curved spacetime
WedMay 1012:00Paolo GambinoThe Vcb puzzle
WedApr 2612:00Jose Ramon Espinosa SedanoApplications of the Tunneling Potential Formalism
WedApr 0512:00Ruth Durrer ZimmermannTesting General Relativity with cosmological large scale structure observations
WedMar 2912:00Gino IsidoriDecoding flavour hierarchies: an essential key to physics beyond the SM
WedMar 1513:00John BeacomFrontiers in Neutrino Astronomy
WedMar 0813:00Jaroslav TrnkaNon-perturbative Amplituhedron Geometries
WedMar 0113:00Giulia ZanderighiDetermination of the strong coupling using power corrections in the three-jet region
WedFeb 2213:00Joan Elias MiroBridging Positivity and S-matrix Bootstrap bounds
WedFeb 1513:00Sakura Schafer-NamekiNon-Invertible Symmetries
WedFeb 0813:00LANCE DixonThe DNA of Particle Scattering
WedFeb 0113:00Nathaniel CraigPredicting the Higgs Mass
WedJan 1813:00Martin BenekeNonperturbative and quantum effects in electroweak WIMP annihilation
WedDec 1413:00Michele MaggioreFundamental physics and cosmology with the Einstein Telescope
WedDec 0713:00Marc KamionkowskiThe cosmic optical background excess, line-intensity mapping
WedNov 2313:00Leonardo SenatoreThe Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structure
WedNov 1609:00Matthew SchwartzMachine Learning for Amplitudes
WedNov 0213:00Joseph LykkenProspects for experimental quantum gravity
WedOct 2613:00Liam McAllisterSmall Cosmological Constants in String Theory
WedOct 1912:00Tim CohenThree Effective Field Theory Vignettes
WedOct 1212:00Jasmine Therese BrewerJets as a probe of the quark-gluon plasma
WedOct 0512:00Daniel HarlowThe black hole interior from non-isometric codes and complexity
WedSep 2812:00Susanne ReffertThe large charge expansion
WedAug 2415:00Douglas StanfordWormhole effects in quantum black hole physics
WedJul 0612:00Stefan AntuschLepton Number Violation at Colliders via Heavy Neutrino-Antineutrino Oscillations
WedJun 2912:00Mikhail SolonQuantum Field Theory Tools for Gravitational Wave Science
WedJun 2212:00Michael Shifman50 Years of Supersymmetry
WedJun 1512:00Michelangelo ManganoWhy FCC?
WedJun 0812:00Soeren SchlichtingThermalization of QCD plasmas
WedJun 0112:00Mari Carmen BañulsTensor Networks: entanglement and the simulation of quantum many-body problems
WedMay 2512:00Gudrun HillerThe same, yet not the same: how to crack a paradigm (Flavor anomalies: status and prospects)
WedMay 1812:00Cora DvorkinUnlocking New Physics out of Astrophysical Data Sets
WedMay 1112:00Lina NecibTracing Dark Matter with Stars around the Milky Way
WedMay 0412:00Enrico PajerA timeless history of time
WedApr 2712:00Sebastian MizeraWhat is the iε for the S-matrix?
WedApr 2012:00Mark HindmarshProbing phase transitions in the early universe with gravitational waves
WedApr 1312:00Alvaro De RujulaThe gravitational wave and short gamma-ray burst GW170817/SHB170817A, not your everyday binary neutron star merger
WedApr 0612:00Irene ValenzuelaThe Quantum Gravity Imprint at Low Energies
WedMar 2313:00Clay CórdovaSecrets of the Renormalization Group
WedMar 1613:00Shu-Heng ShaoGeneralized Global Symmetries
WedMar 0913:00Claude DuhrThe dawn of N3LO
WedMar 0213:00Mao ZengMulti-loop scattering amplitudes and gravitational binary dynamics
ThuFeb 2415:00Mark Van RaamsdonkCosmology from vacuum physics
WedFeb 1615:00David Simmons-DuffinCarving out gravitational theory space
WedJan 1913:00Patrick HuberFluxes and Interactions of Reactor Neutrinos
WedDec 1513:00Joao PenedonesTalk by Joao Penedones
WedDec 0814:00Csaba CsakiMagnetic scattering: pairwise little group and pairwise helicity
WedDec 0113:00Riccardo RattazziThe quantum mechanics of a perfect fluid
WedNov 2413:00Julia HarzProbing the properties of neutrinos and the mechanism behind the baryon asymmetry
WedNov 1713:00Dorota Maria GrabowskaApplying Quantum Technology to Problems in Particle Physics
WedOct 2714:00Rebecca LeaneDetecting Dark Matter in Celestial Bodies
WedOct 1312:00Mauricio BustamantePushing high-energy neutrino physics to the cosmic frontier
WedSep 2912:00Marko SimonovicTowards precision cosmology from large-scale structure of the universe
WedJul 2812:00Jennifer SchoberCosmic magnetic fields: a new window to the early Universe
WedJul 0712:00Valerie DomckeCosmology with Axion-Like Particles
TueJul 0612:00Joachim KoppNeutrinos as a Window to New Physics
WedJun 3012:00Ian Shipseyquantum sensing
WedJun 0912:00Gian GiudiceSelf-Organised Localisation
WedMay 1912:00Laurent LellouchLeading hadronic contribution to the muon magnetic moment from lattice QCD
WedMay 1212:00Christine MuschikSU(2) hadrons on a quantum computer
WedApr 2814:30Clifford CheungFrom Scattering to the Dynamics of Black Holes and Fluids
WedApr 2112:00Andreas JuettnerTowards a holographic description of cosmology on the lattice
WedApr 1412:00Giovanni VilladoroAxion Dark Matter
WedApr 0712:00Hai-Bo YuSelf-Interacting Dark Matter
WedMar 1713:00Pilar ColomaNew physics searches using neutrino oscillation experiments
WedMar 0315:00Ian MoultRethinking Jets: From the LHC, to Conformal Colliders, and Back Again
WedJan 2713:00Jeffrey HazbounSearching for Nanohertz Gravitational Waves with a Galactic-Scale Detector
WedDec 1613:00Edward ShuryakInstantons and sphalerons of electroweak theory and QCD
WedDec 0213:00Irene TamborraGhostly Messengers of the Cosmos
WedNov 1813:00Pedro MachadoThe Large Neutrino Collider
WedNov 1113:00Simon Caron-HuotGravity: The force from the UV
WedOct 2813:00Francesca CaloreProbing axion-like particles with high-energy astrophysics
WedOct 2112:00Volker SpringelSupercomputer insights into the messy physics of galaxy formation
WedOct 0712:00Luciano RezzollaThe first image of a black hole
WedSep 0212:00Vera GuelpersLattice calculations for high-precision tests of the Standard Model of Particle Physics
WedAug 1212:00Sergei DubovskyIntegrability from confinement
WedAug 0514:00Zohar KomargodskiGeneralized Symmetries, Confinement, and Naturalness
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