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UC Berkeley

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Tuesday 20:00-20:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Xilu Wang*, Manibrata Sen
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Description: Bi-weekly talks in neutrino, nuclear, dark matter and dense matter

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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TueAug 3123:00Toshiki SatoHigh-entropy ejecta plumes in Cassiopeia A from neutrino-driven convection
TueAug 1019:00Carolyn RaithelProbing the Dense-Matter Equation of State with Neutron Star Mergers
TueJul 2719:00Nirmal RajDark Neutrons: Cosmology and New Astrophysical Signatures
TueJul 1319:00Mainak MukhopadhyayThe neutrino gravitational wave memory from a core-collapse supernova
TueJun 2919:00Anupam RayMergers as a Probe of Particle Dark Matter
TueJun 1519:00Prashanth JaikumarSignature of a quark-hadron phase transition from g-mode oscillations in neutron stars
TueMay 1119:00Ting S. LiThe Southern Stellar Stream Spectroscopic Survey: Overview and Latest Science Results
TueApr 2719:00Steven HarrisAxion production in magnetars
TueApr 1319:00Moritz ReichertNucleosynthesis in magneto-rotational driven supernovae
TueMar 3019:00Soumya BhattacharyyaTheory of Fast Flavor Conversion of Supernova Neutrinos
TueMar 1619:00Francois FoucartMatter Outflows in Neutron Star Mergers
TueMar 0220:00Volodymyr TakhistovShining Light on Dark Matter with Black Holes
TueFeb 1620:00Luke JohnsHydrogen mixing and the EDGES anomaly
TueFeb 0220:00Samuel D. McDermottNew Physics and the Black Hole Mass Gap
TueDec 0821:30Andre SieverdingImpact of Fast Flavor Oscillations on Neutrino-driven Winds
TueNov 1721:30Katherine MackDark Matter: A Cosmological Perspective
TueOct 2020:30Ivan Martinez-SolerLooking for ALPs with ANITA
TueOct 0620:30Erika HolmbeckProperties of r-Process-Producing Neutron Star Mergers: What We Can Learn from Metal-Poor Stars
TueSep 2220:30Ningqiang SongMicroscopic black holes in neutrino telescopes, colliders and cosmology
TueSep 0820:30Tongyan LinSearching for light dark matter, from the early universe to direct detection
TueSep 0120:30Manibrata SenDiffuse supernova neutrinos: ubiquitous and driving fundamental physics
TueAug 2520:30Ben Margalitconstraining cold dense matter using multi-wavelength & multi-messenger observations of merging neutron stars
TueAug 1820:30Jeffrey BerrymanThe Sterile Neutrino is Dead; Long Live the Sterile Neutrino!
TueAug 1120:30Yuber F. Perez-GonzalezOn massive neutrino emission from primordial black holes via Hawking radiation
TueAug 0420:30Xilu WangGamma rays from neutron star mergers: a unique signature of the r process
TueJul 2820:30David RadiceNeutron Star Merger Dynamics
TueJul 2120:30Ermal RrapajDark photons and supernovae: Lessons from astrophysics
TueJul 1420:30Shirley LiExciting prospects for detecting late-time neutrinos from core-collapse supernovae
TueJul 0720:30Amol PatwardhanThe dark matter neutrino portal and implications for stellar collapse
TueJun 3020:30Mikhail BeznogovThermal evolution of neo-neutron stars
TueJun 2320:30Sophia HanOn the minimum radius of very massive neutron stars
TueJun 1620:30Juri SmirnovCo-SIMP freezeout: a novel Dark Matter Production Mechanism
TueJun 0920:30Sherwood RichersEvaluating Neutrino Moment Closures in Neutron Star Mergers
TueJun 0220:30Nicole VasshExposing the astrophysical conditions of r-process events through observable signatures of lanthanide and actinide production
TueMay 2620:30Evan GrohsSelf-Interacting Neutrinos in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
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