Warsaw Number Theory Seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 11:00-12:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Jakub Byszewski*, Bartosz Naskręcki, Bidisha Roy, Masha Vlasenko*
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Past talks
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MonJun 0612:15Daniel Vargas Montoyaq-strong Frobenius structure
MonJun 0611:00Eugenia RosuTwists of elliptic curves with CM
MonMay 0912:15Matthias StorzerModularity of Nahm sums
MonMay 0911:00Gwladys FernandesHypertranscendence of solutions of linear difference equations
MonApr 0412:15Piotr Miska(R)-dense and (N)-dense subsets of positive integers and generalized quotient sets
MonApr 0411:00Pierre ColmezThe upper half-planes
MonMar 0713:15Neelam SaikiaTraces of pth Hecke operators and p-adic hypergeometric functions
MonMar 0712:00Maciej UlasOn solutions of certain meta-Fibonacci recurrences
MonJun 2811:15Vasily GolyshevModularity proofs via fibered motives.
MonJun 2111:15Lars KühneEquidistribution and Uniformity in Families of Curves
MonJun 1411:15Jason BellEffective isotrivial Mordell-Lang in positive characteristic
MonJun 0714:00Michael J. SchlosserOn the infinite Borwein product raised to a real power
MonMay 3111:15Daniel Vargas-MontoyaAlgebraicity modulo $p$ of G functions, hypergeometric series and strong Frobenius structure
MonMay 2411:15Eric DelaygueOn primary pseudo-polynomials and around Ruzsa's Conjecture
MonMay 1711:15Marco StrengObtaining modular units via a recurrence relation
MonMay 1011:15Robert SlobPrimitive divisors of sequences associated to elliptic curves over function fields
MonApr 2611:15Valentijn KaremakerPolarisations of abelian varieties over finite fields via canonical liftings
MonApr 1911:15Rusen LiSummation formulas of q-hyperharmonic numbers
MonApr 1214:00Anna SzumowiczCuspidal types on GL_p(O)
MonMar 2911:15Boris AdamczewskiFurstenberg's conjecture, Mahler's method, and finite automata
MonMar 2212:15Enis KayaExplicit Vologodsky Integration for Hyperelliptic Curves
MonMar 1512:15Carlo VerschoorBailey Type Factorizations of Horn Functions
MonMar 0812:15Sudhir PujahariArithmetic and statistics of sums of eigenvalues of Hecke operators
MonMar 0116:00Mikołaj FrączykSarnak’s density hypothesis in horizontal families
MonJan 2512:15Oleksiy KlurmanMonotone chains of Hecke cusp forms
MonJan 1812:15Netan DograSome new results in the nonabelian Chabauty method
MonJan 1112:15Wojtek WawrówRanks of Jacobians over rational numbers
MonDec 2112:15Bidisha RoyTorsion groups of elliptic curves over number fields
MonDec 1412:15Tim DokchitserCurves with tame torsion
MonDec 0712:15Gunther CornelissenAn analogy between number theory and spectral geometry
MonNov 3012:15Robert OsburnGeneralized Fishburn numbers, torus knots and quantum modularity
MonNov 2312:15Wadim ZudilinDwork-type ($q$-)(super)congruences
MonNov 1612:15Matija KazalickiCongruences for sporadic sequences, three fold covers of the elliptic modular surfaces and modular forms for non-congruence subgroups
MonNov 0912:15Masha VlasenkoDwork crystals
MonNov 0212:15Julie DesjardinsDensity of rational points on a family of del Pezzo surface of degree 1
MonOct 2612:15Danylo RadchenkoUniversal optimality of the E8 and Leech lattices
MonOct 1911:15Jakub ByszewskiFinite order automorphisms of the ring of power series over a finite field
MonOct 1211:15Vesselin DimitrovSolution of the conjecture of Schinzel and Zassenhaus and some applications
MonOct 0511:15Dorota BlinkiewiczClasses of extensions of commutative algebraic groups
MonJun 2911:15Adam KeilthyThe block filtration and motivic multiple zeta values
MonJun 2211:15Jolanta MarzecMaass relations for Saito-Kurokawa lifts of higher levels
MonJun 0811:15Anna SzumowiczEquidistribution in number fields
MonJun 0111:15Alex YoucisAn approach to the characterization of the $p$-adic local Langlands correspondence
MonMay 2511:15Jakub KoniecznyAutomatic multiplicative sequences
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