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Columbia University / MIT / University of Michigan, Ann Arbor / University of Virginia, Charlottesville / University of Wisconsin, Madison

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Friday 18:30-20:00 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Ivan Z Corwin*, Andrew Ahn*, Evgeni Dimitrov*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriFeb 2619:00Sayan DasFractal Properties of the KPZ temporal Process
FriDec 1119:30Jiaoyang HuangHeight Fluctuations of Random Lozenge Tilings Through Nonintersecting Random Walks
MonNov 3020:00Sasha SodinA random operator constructed from the representations of the symmetric group
MonNov 2319:30Shirshendu GangulyStability and chaos in dynamical last passage percolation
ThuNov 1219:30Kurt JohanssonMultivariate normal approximation for traces of random unitary matrices
FriOct 2318:30Maurice DuitsCLTs for biorthogonal ensembles: Beyond the Strong Szegö Limit Theorem
FriOct 0918:30Leonid PetrovRandom polymers and symmetric functions
FriAug 2815:00Nikos ZygourasVariants of geometric RSK and polymers
FriAug 2814:00Jon WarrenReflecting Brownian motions and point-to-line last passage percolation
FriAug 2118:00Amol AggarwalLimit Shapes and Local Statistics for the Stochastic Six-Vertex Model
FriAug 2117:00Li-Cheng TsaiMoments and tails of stochastic PDEs
FriAug 1417:00Leonid PetrovTBA
FriAug 0717:00Vadim GorinTBA
FriJul 2417:00Jinho BaikRelaxation time limit of periodic TASEP
FriJul 2414:00Yan FyodorovOn eigenvector statistics in non-normal random matrices
FriJul 1717:00Alan HammondTBA
FriJul 1015:00Evgeni DimitrovTwo-point convergence of the stochastic six-vertex model to the Airy process
FriJul 1014:00Alisa KnizelInvariant measure for the open KPZ equation
FriJul 0317:00Jeremy QuastelFrom TASEP to the KPZ fixed point and KP
FriJul 0313:00Tomohiro SasamotoSpin current statistics for the quantum 1D XX spin chain and the Bessel kernel
FriJun 1915:00Gaetan BorotIntroduction to geometric recursion
FriJun 0517:15Jeff KuanAlgebraic symmetries of multi--species models
FriJun 0516:00Alexey BufetovInteracting particle systems and random walks on Hecke algebras
FriMay 2218:00Benedek ValkoThe stochastic zeta function
FriMay 2215:00Yun LiPre-seminar for Benedek Valko's talk on the stochastic zeta function
FriMay 0819:00Todd KempGeometric matrix Brownian motion and the Lima Bean Law
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