MIT Algebraic Topology Seminar

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Seminar series time: Monday 21:30-22:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizer: Ishan Levy*
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182 Memorial Drive, Cambridge (Building 2, Room 131)

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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MonFeb 0521:30Eva BelmontComputations with the modified Adams spectral sequence
MonJan 2921:30Alexander EfimovLocalizing motives and corepresentability of $TR$ and $TC$
MonDec 0421:30Akhil MathewTBA
MonNov 2721:30Kathryn LeshNormalizer decompositions of p-local compact groups
MonNov 1320:00Craig WesterlandMoments of L-functions via the homology of braid groups.
MonNov 0621:30Jared WeinsteinThe rational homotopy groups of the $K(n)$-local sphere
MonOct 3020:30Tomer SchlankHigher Semi-additivity and Chromatically localized $K$-theory
MonOct 2320:30Piotr PstrÄ…gowskiThe even filtration and prismatic cohomology
MonOct 1620:30Thomas BrazeltonTBA
MonOct 0220:30Dan Berwick-EvansSupersymmetric field theories and elliptic cohomology
MonSep 2520:30Hana Jia KongA deformation of Borel equivariant homotopy
MonSep 1820:30Ben AntieauIntegral models for spaces
MonSep 1120:00Robert BurklundBeyond the telescope conjecture
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