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Audience: Advanced learners
Seminar series time: Friday 17:00-18:30 in your time zone, UTC
Organizers: Daniel Kriz*, Bjorn Poonen*, Ziquan Yang*, Zhiyu Zhang*
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STAGE (Seminar on Topics in Arithmetic, Geometry, Etc.) is a learning seminar in algebraic geometry and number theory, featuring speakers talking about work that is not their own. Talks will be at a level suitable for graduate students. Everyone is welcome.

Spring 2021 topic: Crystalline cohomology and prismatic cohomology.

Some topics might take more or less time than allotted. If a speaker runs out of time on a certain date, that speaker might be allowed to borrow some time on the next date. So the topics below might not line up exactly with the dates below.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriApr 2317:00Danielle WangThe $q$-de Rham complex
FriApr 3017:00Tony Feng$q$-crystalline cohomology
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FriApr 1617:00Avi ZeffThe Hodge-Tate and crystalline comparison theorems
FriApr 0917:00Konrad ZouThe prismatic site
FriApr 0217:00Sanath DevalapurkarPerfect prisms and perfectoid rings
FriMar 2617:00Samuel MarksDistinguished elements and prisms
FriMar 1917:00Tobias ShinDerived categories for the working graduate student
FriMar 1218:00Mikayel MkrtchyanDelta rings
FriMar 0518:00James MyerIntroduction to prismatic cohomology
FriFeb 2618:00Naomi SweetingCrystalline cohomology
FriFeb 1918:00Ishan LevyThe infinitesimal site and algebraic de Rham cohomology
MonDec 1420:00Daniel KrizDwork's $p$-adic proof of rationality, continued
MonDec 0720:00Daniel KrizDwork's $p$-adic proof of rationality
MonNov 3020:00Raymond van BommelThe Bombieri-Stepanov approach to the Riemann hypothesis for curves over finite fields
MonNov 1620:00Zhiyu ZhangVanishing cycles and deformation to hypersurfaces
MonNov 0920:00Alexander PetrovWeights and monodromy
MonNov 0220:00Hyuk Jun KweonAlterations
MonOct 2619:00Ziquan YangThe Riemann hypothesis for hypersurfaces
MonOct 1919:00Francesc FitéDeligne's version of the Rankin method
MonOct 1219:00Sanath DevalapurkarÉtale fundamental groups
MonOct 0519:00David RoeConstructible sheaves
MonSep 2819:00Samuel MarksRationality and functional equation of the zeta function
MonSep 2119:00Matthew Hase-LiuIntroduction to étale cohomology
MonSep 1419:00Niven AchenjangSmooth and étale morphisms
MonSep 0719:00Danielle WangStatements of the Weil conjectures, proof for curves via the Hodge index theorem
WedMay 1314:00Daniel KrizConstruction of Katz $p$-adic $L$-functions
WedMay 0614:00Zijian YaoCM Hilbert-Blumenthal abelian varieties
WedApr 2914:00Ziquan Yang$p$-adic Eisenstein series
WedApr 2214:00Tony FengDifferential operators on modular forms
WedApr 1514:00Alexander Petrov$p$-adic modular forms on Hilbert modular varieties
WedApr 0814:00Si Ying LeeModular forms on Hilbert modular varieties
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