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Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Seminar series times: No fixed schedule
Organizers: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Salman Tuasene Khawaja*, Hooraina Hassan Siddiqui*, Abdullah Jauhar*
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Zooming Molecular & Cellular Biology Colloquium was initiated on July 28th, 2020 by the Biology department at Syed Babar Ali School of Science & Engineering (SBASSE), Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The series follows through various topics which come under the ambit of Molecular and Cellular Biology and we’ve had the pleasure and honor of hosting some of the most knowledgeable scientists from around the globe. Organizers can be reached out at or for the Zoom link of individual talks. All lectures are LIVE streamed on SBASSE's official Facebook page.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
WedMar 2910:30Prof. Dr. Constance CepkoGene Therapy to Prolong Vision
MonMar 0615:00Prof. Dr. Sue BigginsHow do cells inherit the right chromosomes?
FriFeb 0313:00Prof. Dr. Fred WinstonAnalysis of factors that control transcriptional fidelity and chromatin structure
ThuNov 1008:00Prof. Dr. Dietrich M. EgliGenome stability in embryonic development and reprogramming
WedNov 0914:00Prof. Dr. Monica P. ColaiacovoLocation and numbers: how recombination and our chemical landscape converge on meiosis
TueJun 2113:00Prof. Dr. Danny ReinbergPolycomb, Inheritance and Disease
WedJun 0809:00Prof. Dr. Cedric MaurangeDeconstructing the principles of cellular hierarchy in tumors with a developmental origin
FriMar 2514:00Prof. Dr. Norbert PerrimonInter-organ communication: Studies in Drosophila
FriNov 1911:00Prof. Dr. Gregory HannonA small RNA-based innate immune system guards the integrity of germ cell genomes
WedOct 1309:00Prof. Dr. David BaulcombeRNA silencing, disease resistance and non-Mendelian inheritance
TueOct 0513:00Prof. Dr. Mariana WolfnerActivating eggs and stimulating reproduction: the molecular view from Drosophila (and beyond).
ThuJun 2404:00Prof. Dr. Ellen RothenbergGene network and epigenetic mechanisms controlling the generation of T lymphocytes
WedMay 2612:00Prof. Dr. Shiv GrewalEpigenetic genome control by RNA-based mechanisms
WedApr 2108:00Prof. Dr. Dirk SchubelerFinding your place: Transcription factors as sensors and modifiers of chromatin
WedApr 0710:00Prof. Dr. Wendi BickmoreThe role of spatial proximity in genome regulation
MonMar 2209:00Prof. Dr. Denis DubouleHox gene regulation in embryos and pseudo-embryos
ThuMar 1114:00Prof. Dr. Robert WeinbergMechanisms of the Malignant Progression of Carcinomas
FriMar 0505:00Prof. Dr. Hiten MadhaniEpigenetic memory over geological timescales
WedMar 0304:00Prof. Dr. Steve HenikoffGenome-wide mapping of protein-DNA interaction dynamics
WedFeb 2404:00Prof. Dr. Susan WesslerUnderstanding the strategies evolved by a very successful transposable element
TueFeb 0913:00Prof. Dr. Gregory GibsonTranscriptomics for Personalized Medicine
MonFeb 0113:00Prof. Dr. Mitzi KurodaBivalent Polycomb Complexes as Master Switches of Developmental Gene Regulation
WedJan 2004:00Prof. Dr. Tony HunterNew Signal Transduction Targets for Cancer Therapy
FriJan 1509:00Prof. Dr. Giacomo CavalliPrinciples and functional role of 3D genome folding
MonJan 1109:00Prof. Dr. Helge GrosshansProperties and Functioning of a Developmental Clock
FriJan 0810:00Prof. Dr. Jernej UleRNA Biology at the crossroads of evolution and disease
WedNov 2509:00Prof. Dr. Detlef WeigelEpistasis, the Spice of Life (and Evolution) - Lessons from the study of the plant immune system
FriNov 1315:00Prof. Dr. Juan Dominguez BendalaAdvances in pancreatic beta-cell regeneration
FriOct 1607:00Prof. Dr. Sandra HakeHistones: How much variation do we need?
FriOct 0907:00Prof. Dr. Peter BeckerGenetic & Epigenetic Mechanisms of X Chromosome Activation in Drosophila
FriSep 1110:00Dr. Stefan SchoenfelderFunctional Organization of the Genome in 3D
ThuAug 2708:00Prof. Dr. Susan GasserHow and where to assemble heterochromatin, and why it is essential for organismal survival
TueJul 2816:00Prof. Dr. Oliver BellHow cell fate decisions are maintained by Polycomb
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