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SatFeb 2414:05Knots, graphs and groupsAlexey SleptsovClosed 4-braids and the Jones unknot problem
MonFeb 2607:00KIAS Strings SeminarMohammad Akhond5d SCFTs and their non-supersymmetric cousins
MonFeb 2610:30Cihan OkayWalker SternHC II: First constructions
MonFeb 2612:15CAM seminarEric LindströmMultidimensional Coefficent Inverse Problems for Maxwellian Systems in Conductive Media with Applications in Medical Imaging
MonFeb 2613:00Paris algebra seminarYu QiuOn cluster braid groups
MonFeb 2614:40Nečas Seminar on Continuum MechanicsBernd SchmidtOn the Stability of Objective Structures
MonFeb 2615:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarIlya GorshkovPseudo-composition algebras as axial algebras
MonFeb 2615:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsZhiqin LuThe Spectrum of Laplacian on forms over open manifolds
MonFeb 2615:30Knots and representation theoryChristoph SchillerFrom the three Reidemeister moves to the three Lie gauge groups – with consequences for the unification of physics
MonFeb 2616:00The Vinberg Lecture SeriesRichard BorcherdsVinberg’s Algorithm and Kac-Moody algebras
MonFeb 2617:00FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)Vivian KuperbergSums of odd-ly many fractions
MonFeb 2619:00CRG Weekly SeminarsBittuSpacing statistics of the Farey sequence
MonFeb 2621:30Florida Atlantic University Crypto CaféLukas KölschA general and unifying construction for semifields and their related maximum rank distance codes
MonFeb 2623:30SFU Mathematics of Computation, Application and Data ("MOCAD") SeminarLisa KreusserUnlocking the Full Potential of Data: From Applied Analysis and Optimisation to Applications
TueFeb 2702:00Algebra and Geometry Seminar @ HKUSTXiaobo LiuTautological Relations and Their Applications
TueFeb 2706:00Trends in Mathematical ResearchDr. Jan Harold AlcantaraTheoretical smoothing frameworks for nonsmooth bilevel optimization problems
TueFeb 2707:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarJie HanPerfect matchings in dense uniform hypergraphs
TueFeb 2708:00BIMSA Integrable Systems SeminarTao GuiAsymptotic Log-concavity of Dominant Lower Bruhat Intervals via the Brunn--Minkowski Inequality
TueFeb 2708:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2024Matthias GaberdielIntegrability in the symmetric orbifold
TueFeb 2708:30Algebra and Geometry Seminar @ HKUSTXiaobo LiuIntersection numbers and symmetric polynomials
TueFeb 2713:00Geometric Structures Research SeminarArmin RainerOn the semialgebraic Whitney extension problem
TueFeb 2713:00Seed Seminar of Mathematics and PhysicsChiara FranceschiniInteracting particles systems out of equilibrium
TueFeb 2713:00Sheffield Number Theory SeminarAlexandros GroutidesOn integral structures in smooth $\mathrm{GL}_2$-representations and zeta integrals.
TueFeb 2713:00Seminars on Inverse Problems Theory and ApplicationsHannes GernandtA Calderón type inverse problem for tree graphs
TueFeb 2714:00Feza Gursey Center Higher Structures SeminarsMeng-Chwan TanVafa-Witten Theory: Invariants, Floer Homologies, Higgs Bundles, a Geometric Langlands Correspondence, and Categorification
TueFeb 2714:00UEA pure maths seminarLassina DembéléTBA
TueFeb 2714:30Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Frol ZapolskyBig fiber theorems and symplectic rigidity
TueFeb 2715:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsVictoria KnopovaParametrix technique for a Lévy-type model with unbounded coefficients
TueFeb 2715:00West Switzerland Geometry, Algebra and Topology SeminarCorentin BodartMembership problems in nilpotent groups
TueFeb 2715:00Symmetry SeminarLukasz FidkowskiTBA
TueFeb 2716:00Seminar on Biological Control SystemsAnna-Maria Makri PistikouEngineering synthetic communication in mammalian cells
TueFeb 2716:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Sheila SandonContact non-squeezing at large scale via generating functions
TueFeb 2716:00The Isogeny ClubSimon-Philipp MerzSCALLOP: a somewhat scalable effective group action from isogenies
TueFeb 2716:00Beyond VoganishJosé CruzTBA
TueFeb 2717:15Northwestern Applied Mathematics SeminarSnezhana AbarzhiInterface Dynamics in Ideal and Realistic Fluids
TueFeb 2718:00VaNTAGeSara CheccoliOn fields with finitely many points of bounded height: around property (N)
TueFeb 2720:00The Graduate Center Arithmetic Geometry SeminarIla VarmaCounting number fields and predicting asymptotics
TueFeb 2720:00Harvard MIT Algebraic Geometry SeminarMaksym FedorchukCM-minimizers and standard models of Fano fibrations over curves
TueFeb 2721:00MIT number theory seminarUlrich DerenthalManin's conjecture for spherical Fano threefolds
TueFeb 2721:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarZaher HaniTBA
TueFeb 2721:20LSU Algebra and Number Theory SeminarEleanor McSpiritTBA
WedFeb 2804:30OIST representation theory seminarYuta KimuraTBA
WedFeb 2808:00Eastern Hemisphere Colloquium on Geometry and Physics (EHCGP)Alexander AleksandrovKP integrability through the $x-y$ swap relation
WedFeb 2808:30Algebra and Geometry Seminar @ HKUSTAlexis BouthierTorsors on loop groups
WedFeb 2812:00Barcelona Mathematics Informal Seminar (SIMBa)Irene Macías TarríoModuli spaces of stable vector bundles
WedFeb 2812:15Gothenburg statistics seminarNo seminarTBA
WedFeb 2812:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsAlexandra ZvonarevaFunctorial approach to rank functions
WedFeb 2813:00Longitudinal Algebra and Geometry Open ONline Seminar (LAGOON)Nadia RomeroHochschild cohomology for functors on linear symmetric monoidal categories
WedFeb 2814:00Abu Dhabi Stochastics SeminarBalint TothTBA
WedFeb 2814:00Sheffield Pure Maths ColloquiaOzgur BayindirTBA
WedFeb 2814:30F1 World SeminarTong JinThree approaches to the representation space of a matroid
WedFeb 2816:00Seminar on Algorithmic Aspects of Information TheoryChao TianComputer-Aided Investigation of Information-Theoretic Limits: An Overview.
WedFeb 2816:00London number theory seminarAsbjørn NordentoftHorizontal p-adic L-functions
WedFeb 2816:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesJaime Santos RodríguezSymmetries of Wasserstein spaces
WedFeb 2817:00Metagovernance SeminarNathan SchneiderGovernable Spaces: Book Launch Seminar
WedFeb 2819:00Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online EditionEleonore FaberTBA
WedFeb 2820:00Harvard number theory seminarShiva ChidambaramTBA
WedFeb 2820:00Noncommutative Geometry in NYCJacek KrajczokApproximation properties of discrete quantum groups
ThuFeb 2904:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarXiaoming Liu (University of North Carolina)Geochemical Adventures on Earth's Surface
ThuFeb 2908:00Algebra and Geometry Seminar @ HKUSTYucheng LiuContinuum envelopes on Fargues-Fontaine curve and elliptic curves
ThuFeb 2913:15Real and complex GeometryDmitry KernerArtin approximation. The ordinary, the inverse, the left-right and on quivers
ThuFeb 2914:00(ED-3S) Essex Data Science Seminar SeriesProfessor Richard J. SamworthIsotonic subgroup selection
ThuFeb 2914:00FD SeminarBen DavisonTBA
ThuFeb 2914:15Real and complex GeometryDmitry KernerArtin approximation. The ordinary, the inverse, the left-right and on quivers (rescheduled)
ThuFeb 2915:00MESS (Mathematics Essex Seminar Series)Gawin BrownMoebius strips in higher dimensions
ThuFeb 2915:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarLisa MarquandThe defect of a cubic fourfold
ThuFeb 2915:30Maths seminars at the University of GalwayDamian MarkhamSecure Networks of Quantum Sensors
ThuFeb 2916:00Number Theory Web SeminarPaul PollackStretching, the truth about nonunique factorization
ThuFeb 2920:00Early Career Math ColloquiumXin LiuTBA
ThuFeb 2920:00New York Number Theory SeminarSenia SheydvasseHidden structures in families of Ulam sequences
ThuFeb 2920:45Lethbridge number theory and combinatorics seminarFélix Baril BoudreauThe Distribution of Logarithmic Derivatives of Quadratic L-functions in Positive Characteristic
ThuFeb 2921:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarIván AngionoContragredient Lie algebras in symmetric tensor categories
ThuFeb 2921:00STAGENiven T. AchenjangThe Mordell-Weil theorem and Chabauty's theorem
ThuFeb 2921:15CUNY Geometric Analysis SeminarTin Yau TsangAnother aspect of Gromov's conjectures
ThuFeb 2922:00PIMS-CORDS SFU Operations Research SeminarYves Lucet (UBC-O hosted)TBA
ThuFeb 2922:00UCSD number theory seminarAranya LahiriDagger groups and $p$-adic distribution algebras
ThuFeb 2923:30SFU NT-AG seminarHaggai LiuModuli Spaces of Weighted Stable Curves and their Fundamental Groups
FriMar 0111:00Bilkent University Quantum Computing SeminarRedi HaderiSymmetric Monoidal Categories (II)
FriMar 0111:00University of Birmingham theoretical computer science seminarNesta Van Der SchaafTBA
FriMar 0111:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwayVictoria Sánchez MuñozBoolean games played in a triangle using bi-partite and tri-partite entanglement
FriMar 0112:15Gothenburg statistics seminarChristian HirschOn the topology of higher-order age-dependent random connection models
FriMar 0112:40ODTU-Bilkent Algebraic Geometry SeminarsTurgay BayraktarEquidistribution for Zeros of Random Polynomial Systems
FriMar 0114:00Algebraic and Combinatorial Perspectives in the Mathematical SciencesHannes KernTBA
FriMar 0115:00Cross Alps Logic SeminarSimon HenryHigher categorical language
FriMar 0115:00Quiver MeetingsHans-Christian HerbigPoisson differential spaces, largeness, Hilbert series
FriMar 0115:30Columbia - Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic SeminarVaidehee ThatteUnderstanding the Defect via Ramification Theory
FriMar 0116:00GEOTOP-A seminarJörn DunkelTopological packing statistics of living and non-living matter
FriMar 0118:00VCU Geometry and Topology SeminarDeepisha SolankiTBA
SatMar 0214:05Knots, graphs and groupsJonathan SchneiderREALISTIC CROSSING DATA FOR CURVES IN THE PLANE
MonMar 0410:00NKUA HEP SeminarsShai ChesterTBA
MonMar 0410:30Cihan OkayUzay CetinTDA II
MonMar 0412:15CAM seminarAndrea PapiniTurbulence enhancement of coagulating processes
MonMar 0413:00Paris algebra seminarMerlin ChristComplexes of stable infinity-categories and perverse schobers
MonMar 0415:00European Non-Associative Algebra SeminarMichael TurnerSkew Axial Algebras of Monster Type
MonMar 0415:00Geometric and functional inequalities and applicationsFrancesco MaggiTBA
MonMar 0415:00Quantum Groups Seminar [QGS]Lyudmila TurowskaTBA
MonMar 0415:30Knots and representation theoryDmitry SolovyevUniversal construction, foams and link homology
MonMar 0417:00FRG Grad Seminar (Averages of of L-functions and Arithmetic Stratification)Seth HardyTBA
MonMar 0419:00CRG Weekly SeminarsJulia StadlmannTBA
TueMar 0500:30Seminar-Type Workshop on Noncommutative Integrable SystemsVladimir RetakhTBA
TueMar 0508:00Tricontinental Quantum Fundamentals SeminarNavdeep AryaTBA
TueMar 0508:00BIMSA Integrable Systems SeminarSergei LandoTBA
TueMar 0508:00Seminar-Type Workshop on Noncommutative Integrable SystemsIrina BobrovaNon-Abelian ODEs and O∆Es