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SatMay 2819:00Richmond Geometry Festival 2022Patricia CahnTrisected 4-Manifolds as Branched Covers of the 4-Sphere
SunMay 2910:00Summer STARS Workshop 2022Victor KacUnitary representations of minimal W-algebras
SunMay 2911:00Summer STARS Workshop 2022Ran TesslerThe m=4 Amplituhedron and its BCFW triangulations
SunMay 2911:20Summer STARS Workshop 2022Vladimir BelavinDual AdS_3 construction of CFT conformal blocks
SunMay 2915:00Geometric Analysis: Past, Present and FutureTBATBA
MonMay 3007:00KIAS String SeminarsSeung-Joo LeeThe fate of not being minimal
MonMay 3007:30IBS/KAIST Discrete Math SeminarHongseok YangTBA
MonMay 3008:00Göran Gustafsson Lectures in MathematicsJune HuhLorentzian polynomials
MonMay 3009:00Séminaire de physique mathématique IPhTRob KlabbersIntegrable PDEs, spin chains and CFT
MonMay 3012:00Paris algebra seminarJens Niklas EberhardtMotivic Springer Theory
MonMay 3013:00One World Combinatorics on Words SeminarPierre-Adrien TahayColumn representation of words in cellular automata
MonMay 3013:00Cogent SeminarAmina AbdurrahmanSquare roots of symplectic L-functions and Reidemeister torsion
MonMay 3014:00Quantum Groups SeminarSebastian HalbigPivotality, twisted centres and the anti-double of a Hopf monad
MonMay 3014:00Cogent SeminarAurel PageAlgorithms for the cohomology of compact arithmetic manifolds
MonMay 3014:15Munich-Aarhus-Santiago Mathematical Physics seminarSabine BögliTBA
MonMay 3015:30Clusters and braids seminarAlfredo Nájera ChávezDeformation theory for finite cluster complexes
MonMay 3016:00CRM-Spectral geometry in the cloudsRomain PetridesMinimizing combinations of Laplace eigenvalues and applications
MonMay 3022:00PIMS Geometry / Algebra / Physics (GAP) SeminarSasha TsymbaliukBGG-type relations for transfer matrices of rational spin chains and the shifted Yangians
TueMay 3102:00Korea-Taiwan-Vietnam joint seminar in Combinatorics and AnalysisSang-il OumBuilding the hierarchy of graph classes
TueMay 3102:00KIAS String SeminarsZhenbin YangFirewalls from Wormholes
TueMay 3107:45Göran Gustafsson Lectures in MathematicsJune HuhOpen problems on Lorentzian polynomials
TueMay 3108:00SEU Yau Center Theoretical Physics Seminars 2022Yang ZhouPartial Reduction and Black Hole Information
TueMay 3110:00ZAG (Zoom Algebraic Geometry) seminarNicholas Shepherd-BarronPeriods of elliptic surfaces
TueMay 3111:45Algebra, Geometry and Physics seminar (MPIM Bonn/HU Berlin)Volodymyr LyubashenkoBimodules over categories enriched over closed monoidal categories and A∞-categories
TueMay 3112:30Automorphic Project & Research SeminarGal Porat$(\phi,\Gamma)$-modules and the Emerton–Gee stack.
TueMay 3112:30One World Numeration seminarVerónica BecherPoisson generic real numbers
TueMay 3113:00CAvid: Complex Analysis video seminarClare DunningTBA
TueMay 3113:00Non-local operators, probability and singularitiesChiara Spina$L^p$ estimates for a class of degenerate operators
TueMay 3113:00Vienna Geometry and Analysis on Groups SeminarPallavi DaniDivergence, thickness, and hypergraph index for Coxeter groups
TueMay 3114:00Differential Geometry Seminar TorinoAlexey BolsinovOn integrability of geodesic flows on 3-dimensional manifolds
TueMay 3114:00One world IAMP mathematical physics seminarBenjamin DoyonErgodicity, large-scale correlations and hydrodynamics in many-body systems
TueMay 3114:00International seminar on automorphic formsNikos DiamantisL-series associated with harmonic Maass forms and their values
TueMay 3114:00Malliavin Calculus and its ApplicationsNaoufel SalhiSelf-intersection local times as generalized functionals
TueMay 3114:00Virtual East-West Several Complex Variables SeminarZiming ShiTBA
TueMay 3115:00Geometric Analysis: Past, Present and FutureIntroduction 08Juan Carlos Fernández, TBA, Sascha Eichmann
TueMay 3115:00Geometria em Lisboa (IST)Inder KaurTBA
TueMay 3115:00Symmetry SeminarYichul ChoiTBA
TueMay 3115:30Wales MPPM Mathematical PhysicsGeorge ElliottClassification of C*-algebras - simple vs. non-simple
TueMay 3116:00Intercats: Seminar on Categorical InteractionMario RománMonoidal Streams
TueMay 3116:00Online Seminar "Geometric Analysis"Hannes MattBanach gradient flows for various families of knot energies
TueMay 3116:30Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures Webinar SeriesTBATBA
TueMay 3117:00VaNTAGeManjul BhargavaIntegers that are the sum of two rational cubes
TueMay 3121:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarJacob ShapiroMonotonicity theorems for integer-valued fields and delocalization in two-dimensions
TueMay 3121:00Solvable Lattice Models SeminarWilliam DudarovTBA
TueMay 3122:00UCLA analysis and PDE seminarJohn AndersonNonlinear interactions of waves from distant sources
WedJun 0101:30Tokyo-Nagoya Algebra SeminarMasahiko Yoshinaga超平面配置の特性準多項式
WedJun 0107:45Göran Gustafsson Lectures in MathematicsJune HuhKazhdan–Lusztig theory and Hodge theory for matroids
WedJun 0108:00IBS Biomedical Mathematics Online ColloquiumHeinz KoepplFrom live cell imaging to moment-based variational inference
WedJun 0108:00One World Signal Processing Seminar SeriesMaokun LiTBA
WedJun 0108:15Göttingen Seminar Noncommutative GeometryJonathan TaylorInductive limits of noncommutative aperiodic Cartan inclusions
WedJun 0109:00Virtual seminar on geometry with symmetriesAnusha KrishnanPositive sectional curvature and Ricci flow
WedJun 0109:30ICTS String SeminarsShailesh LalThe World in a Grain of Sand
WedJun 0110:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358TBASelf-organized SageMath coding sprints
WedJun 0111:10Geometry and Dynamics seminarMatthias MeiwesEntropy, braids, and Hofer's metric
WedJun 0111:30POINTS - Peking Online International Number Theory SeminarCheng ChenTBA
WedJun 0112:00Mimar Sinan University Mathematics SeminarsÖzge ÜlkemTBA
WedJun 0112:00Summer STARS Workshop 2022Yasmine FittouhiStratifications of singular fibers of Mumford Systems
WedJun 0112:30Geometry Seminar - University of FlorenceBruno KlinglerTBA
WedJun 0113:20STARS: Superalgebra Theory and Representations SeminarMichael FinkelbergTBA
WedJun 0113:20Summer STARS Workshop 2022Michael FinkelbergGaiotto conjectures for classical supergroups
WedJun 0114:00Barcelona Set Theory SeminarWilliam ChanAlmost Disjoint Families under Determinacy
WedJun 0114:00Control and Optimisation SeminarGechun LiangA universal robust limit theorem for nonlinear Levy processes under sublinear expectation
WedJun 0114:45Global Virtual SageDays 112.358TBAIntroduction to SageMath and the Global Virtual SageDays
WedJun 0114:45Summer STARS Workshop 2022Ivan MotorinResolution of singularities of the odd nilpotent cone of orthosymplectic Lie superalgebras
WedJun 0115:00London number theory seminarRaman ParimalaThe Brauer group of hyperelliptic curves over number fields
WedJun 0115:00Probability and Statistical Mechanics SeminarCristina ToninelliTBA
WedJun 0115:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Blaec Bejarano, Harald Schilly, Hal Snyder and William SteinWays to Use Sage in CoCalc
WedJun 0115:30Quadratic forms, linear algebraic groups and beyondAravind AsokTBA
WedJun 0116:00Metagovernance SeminarMetagov CommunityMetagov Short Talk
WedJun 0116:00Recent Advances in Modern p-Adic Geometry (RAMpAGe)Juan Esteban Rodriguez CamargoSolid locally analytic representations of $p$-adic Lie groups
WedJun 0116:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Steven DiamondCVXPY
WedJun 0116:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Nima MoshayediCutting-Gluing of TQFTs in the Symplectic Cohomological Formalism
WedJun 0116:00Theoretical Physics Colloquium @ ASUPiotr SurowkaOdd viscoelasticity
WedJun 0116:45Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Julian HallHiGHS: The world's best open-source linear optimization software - coming to SageMath!
WedJun 0117:00TCS+Inbal Talgam-CohenAlgorithmic contract theory
WedJun 0118:00Categories seminar UNAMJulia PlavnikModular categories arise naturally in many areas of mathematics, such as conformal field theory, representations of braid groups, quantum groups, and Hopf algebras, and low dimensional topology, and they have important applications in condensed matter phys
WedJun 0118:00Seminario Latinoamericano de Teoría de NúmerosTBA
WedJun 0118:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Nina MiolaneGeomstats – a Python package for differential geometry in statistics and machine learning
WedJun 0119:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarSherry GongTBA
WedJun 0119:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Vincent Delecroix, Jonathan Kliem, Matthias Köppe (organizers)Sage user packages: Packaging, continuous testing, and integration in the Sage distribution
WedJun 0119:00Seminário Brasileiro de Grafos, Algoritmos e CombinatóriaGuilherme FonsecaAbordagem da equipe Shadoks para partição mínima em subgrafos de plano
WedJun 0120:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Matthias KöppeThe way to a fully modularized Sage library 10.0
WedJun 0121:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358TBASelf-organized SageMath ticket review session
ThuJun 0201:00IBS Virtual Discrete Math ColloquiumJeck LimSums of linear transformations
ThuJun 0206:00ARCSIN - Algebra, Representations, Combinatorics and Symmetric functions in INdiaApoorva KhareHigher order Verma modules, and a positive formula for all highest weight modules - talk 2
ThuJun 0206:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Kwankyu Lee (organizer)Meeting of Sage users in Korea
ThuJun 0207:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Tiantian LiuA hands-on tutorial of the Taichi Programming Language
ThuJun 0208:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Sébastien Labbé and othersSage Thursdays in Bordeaux
ThuJun 0208:15Summer STARS Workshop 2022Victor KacTBA
ThuJun 0208:30BIMSA Geometry and Physics SeminarMarcos MarinoResurgence and quantum topology
ThuJun 0210:00Bilbao analysis and PDE seminarDamian DabrowskiTBA
ThuJun 0210:00Vienna Geometry and Analysis on Groups SeminarFlorin RadulescuDimension formulae of Gelfand-Graev, Jones and their relation to automorphic forms and temperdness of quasiregular representations
ThuJun 0211:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Hao ChenWhy I turned to Mathematica (sorry) to plot minimal surfaces
ThuJun 0211:15Summer STARS Workshop 2022Vera SerganovaTBA
ThuJun 0212:00Monthly Global Diffeology SeminarKonrad WaldorfTBA
ThuJun 0212:00SFT@Cloud Journal ClubHiroshi KunitomoOpen-closed Homotopy Algebra in Superstring Field Theory
ThuJun 0213:15Summer STARS Workshop 2022Alexander ShermanTwo spectral sequences for GL(1|1)-modules
ThuJun 0213:30JoMaReC - Joint Online Mathematical Relativity ColloquiumJim IsenbergStability of AVTD behavior for polarized T^2-symmetric space-times
ThuJun 0214:00Global Virtual SageDays 112.358Tobias DiezNew developer tools for Sage
ThuJun 0214:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarMathilde BouvelLimits of permutations and graphs avoiding substructures