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SatMay 2714:00QM Foundations & Nature of Time seminarÁlvaro García LópezOrbit quantization in a retarded potentialslidespaper
FriMay 2621:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Alex IosevichPoint configurations in vector spaces over finite fields
FriMay 2620:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Mel NathansonPatterns in the iteration of an arithmetic function
FriMay 2620:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Firdavs RakhmonovDistribution of similar configurations in subsets of $\mathbb{F}_q^d$
FriMay 2619:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Marc TechnauOn the Farey fraction spin chain
FriMay 2619:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)C. Sinan GunturkDensity of the Bernstein lattices
FriMay 2618:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Misha RudnevOn sums and products of integers with few prime factors
FriMay 2618:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Robert DonleyPath enumeration for antimagic squares
FriMay 2617:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Ariane MasudaInvolutions over finite fields
FriMay 2617:00Geometry Webinar AmSur /AmSulYang-Hui HeUniverses as BigData: Physics, Geometry and Machine-Learning
FriMay 2616:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Noah Lebowitz-LockardLong runs of numbers with the same number of divisors
FriMay 2615:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Ryan JeongProgress on relative sizes of generalized sumsets and their complements
FriMay 2615:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Daniel TsaiA characterization of prime $v$-palindromes
FriMay 2614:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Alex RiceGeneralized arithmetic progressions and diophantine approximation by polynomials
FriMay 2614:00Functional analysis and operator algebras in AthensG. KopsacheilisA comparison type property for Cartan subalgebras
FriMay 2614:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Aled WalkerOn a Bohr set analogue of Chowla's conjecture
FriMay 2613:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Tomasz KowalczykOn Waring numbers of henselian rings II
FriMay 2613:15Symplectic zoominarJoé BrendelLocal exotic tori
FriMay 2613:00Algebraic and Combinatorial Perspectives in the Mathematical SciencesChiara MeroniPath signatures in convex geometrypaper
FriMay 2613:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Piotr MiskaOn Waring numbers of henselian rings I
FriMay 2611:30Bilkent University Quantum Computing SeminarHakop PashayanClassical simulation of quantum circuits
FriMay 2609:00BIMSA Integrable Systems SeminarYunfeng JiangSpin-s rational Q-system
FriMay 2608:30Séminaire de géométrie arithmétique et motivique (Paris Nord)Eknath GhateReductions of Galois representations
ThuMay 2522:30PIMS SFU Operations Research SeminarIsabelle Shankar (UBC-O hosted)Central Curve in Semidefinite Programming
ThuMay 2521:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Ruben AscoliSum and difference sets in generalized dihedral groups
ThuMay 2521:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Mizan KhanInterior hulls and continued fractions
ThuMay 2520:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Nathan McNewThe distribution of intermediate prime factors
ThuMay 2520:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Tim TrudgianA hair's breadth of a half
ThuMay 2519:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Cormac O'SullivanA hidden link between two of Ramanujan’s approximations
ThuMay 2519:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Steven SengerRecent developments in point configuration problems in vector spaces over various fields
ThuMay 2518:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)P\'eter P\'al PachThe Alon-Jaeger-Tarsi conjecture via group ring identities
ThuMay 2518:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Satyanand SinghOn the Pythagorean reciprocal identity $a^{-2}+b^{-2}=d^{-2}$ and the generation of all solutions for fixed $d>0$
ThuMay 2518:00Rocky Mountain Rep Theory SeminarIvana VukorepaTensor category $KL_k(sl_{2n})$ via minimal affine $W$--algebras at the non-admissible level $k=-\frac{2n+1}{2}$
ThuMay 2517:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Emma BaileyAtypical behaviour of the Riemann zeta function
ThuMay 2517:00Bachelier Finance Society One World seminar seriesAnna AksamitSuperhedging duality for multi-action options under model uncertainty with information delay
ThuMay 2517:00Topos Institute ColloquiumElaine LandryAs If Category Theory were a Foundationvideo
ThuMay 2516:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Harald HelfgottExplicit bounds on sums of the M\" obius functions
ThuMay 2515:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Florian LucaCarmichael numbers of the form $2^n k+1$
ThuMay 2515:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Maciej UlasGeometric progressions in the sets of values of rational functions
ThuMay 2515:00Number Theory Web SeminarBarak WeissNew bounds on lattice covering volumes, and nearly uniform covers
ThuMay 2514:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Norbert HegyvariCovering shrinking polynomials by progressions
ThuMay 2514:15Copenhagen-Jerusalem Combinatorics SeminarIván RasskinConnecting numbers with knots through polytopes and sphere packings
ThuMay 2514:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Sayak SenguptaLocally nilpotent polynomials over $\mathbf{Z}$
ThuMay 2514:00MESS (Mathematics Essex Seminar Series)Dr Alex DoakInternal Solitary Waves in a three-layer model
ThuMay 2514:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwaySvetlana PetrenkoModelling of Silica Pattern Formation in Diatoms Using a Continuum Approach
ThuMay 2514:00Online Nottingham algebraic geometry seminarKelly JabbuschThe minimal projective bundle dimension and toric 2-Fano manifolds
ThuMay 2513:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Mikhail GabdullinPrime avoiding numbers is a basis of order two
ThuMay 2513:05Geometry and topology onlineMichael BorinskyThe commutative graph complex and the amount of top-weight cohomology in the moduli space of curves
ThuMay 2513:00Barcelona Analysis SeminarRupert FrankSharp stability for Sobolev and log-Sobolev inequalities, with optimal dimensional dependence
ThuMay 2513:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Paolo LeonettiHow many sets of integers have a small perturbation of the type $A+B$?
ThuMay 2513:00(ED-3S) Essex Data Science Seminar SeriesDr. Xiaochuan YangSome recent progress in random geometric graphs: beyond the standard regimes
ThuMay 2513:00SFT@Cloud Journal ClubKevin CostelloTwisted supergravity and string field theory
ThuMay 2513:00FD SeminarFabian HaidenTBA
ThuMay 2511:15Gothenburg statistics seminarFrank MillerParallel optimal pretesting of mixed-format questions for achievement tests
ThuMay 2511:00Mathematical models and integration methodsE. I. KaptsovMethods for constructing invariant conservative finite-difference schemes for hydrodynamic-type equations
ThuMay 2507:30Symmetry in NewcastleMichael WibmerExpansive endomorphisms of profinite groups
ThuMay 2507:00Probability Victoria Seminar (PVSeminar)Ben GoldysStochastic flows in infinite dimensions
ThuMay 2507:00La Trobe University Statistics and Stochastic zoom seminarProf Ben GoldysStochastic flows in infinite dimensions
ThuMay 2506:00Cosmology TalksDongwon Han, Niall MacCrann, Mathew Madhavacheril, Frank Qu, Blake SherwinAdvanced ACT Lensing Cosmology (the best high redshift, large scale take on the S8 tension)videopaper
ThuMay 2506:00ANU Research School of Earth Sciences school seminarTom MerryCyprus: Seismicity, Subduction and Serpentinite
ThuMay 2506:00Symmetry in NewcastleMichael WibmerDifference algebraic groups
WedMay 2421:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Russell Jay HendelRecursions, closed forms, and characteristic polynomials of the circuit array
WedMay 2420:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Asher RobertsThe rate of convergence for Selberg's multivariate CLT
WedMay 2420:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)David A. RossSome proofs about sequences in the spirit of Paul du Bois-Reymond
WedMay 2419:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Robert HoughSubconvexity of Sato-Shintani zeta functions
WedMay 2419:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Noah KravitzLonely runner spectra, revisited
WedMay 2419:00NYC noncommutative geometry seminarUlrich BunkeA homotopical view on $K$ and $KK$-theory for $C^{*}$-algebrasslidesvideo
WedMay 2418:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Adam ShefferDistinct distances in the complex plane
WedMay 2418:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)G\' abor SomlaiCutting the positive real numbers into disjoint sets closed under addition and multiplication
WedMay 2417:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Angel KumchevNew versions of old results on gaps between squarefree integers
WedMay 2416:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Miquel OrtegaProduct-free sets in the free group
WedMay 2416:00Metagovernance SeminarDaniel GolliherOn "Civics"video
WedMay 2416:00Topological Quantum Field Theory Club (IST, Lisbon)Markus UpmeierInvertible TQFTs and Atiyah–Singer index theory
WedMay 2415:30Bilkent Topology SeminarHaihan WuWebs and Clasps
WedMay 2415:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Christoph SpiegelTowards flag algebras in additive combinatorics
WedMay 2415:00Seminar on Algorithmic Aspects of Information TheoryMahmoud Abo KhamisThe Polymatroid Bound: Extensions and Applications in Database Query Evaluation.
WedMay 2415:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Leonid FelSymmetric (not complete intersection) numerical semigroups and syzygy identities
WedMay 2415:00Input-to-State Stability and its ApplicationsSwann MarxISS Lyapunov functional strictification for the output regulation of a Korteweg-de Vries equation
WedMay 2415:00London number theory seminarRoss PatersonQuadratic Twists as Random Variables
WedMay 2414:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Sergei KonyaginLarge gaps between sums of two squarefull numbers
WedMay 2414:20ItaCa Fest 2023P. FreniWhat should Strong Vector Spaces be?
WedMay 2414:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Trevor WooleyWaring's problem and Freiman's theorem
WedMay 2414:00Galois geometries and their applications eseminarsIlaria CardinaliGrassmannian of codes
WedMay 2414:00IPM Algebraic Geometry SeminarPaolo CasciniOn the Minimal Model Program for complex foliated varieties
WedMay 2414:00ICTS String SeminarsEva SilversteinThe matter with TT-bar + Lambda_2
WedMay 2413:40ItaCa Fest 2023M. MenniDecidable objects and molecular toposes
WedMay 2413:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Andrzej KuklaPractical sets and $A$-practical numbers
WedMay 2413:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Kiseok YeonThe Hasse principle for homogeneous polynomials with random coefficients over thin sets
WedMay 2413:00ItaCa Fest 2023F. GuffantiA doctrinal view of logic
WedMay 2413:00Sheffield Pure Maths ColloquiaRobert Fraser(ONLINE) Two strategies for Fourier decay of measures in Diophantine approximation
WedMay 2413:00Maths seminars at the University of GalwayNicola Fitz-SimonMathematical and statistical modelling for the covid-19 pandemic in Ireland
WedMay 2412:00CERN Theory ColloquiaElina FuchsQuantum sensing for New Physics and Gravitational Wavesslides
WedMay 2411:30Prague-Hradec Kralove seminar Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physics and statisticsGuchuan LiFrom the real cobordism theory to the Kervaire invariant one problemvideo
WedMay 2410:30Yerevan Mathematical ColloquiumGohar KyureghyanFinite Fields and their Applications in Cryptology
WedMay 2410:00ICCUB SeminarsArnau MarséDouble-Strangeness Molecular-Type Pentaquarks from Coupled-Channel Dynamics
WedMay 2409:00Machine Learning SeminarTaejin PaikIsometry-Invariant and Subdivision-Invariant Representations of Embedded Simplicial Complexes
WedMay 2407:00IBS Biomedical Mathematics Online ColloquiumThomas PhilippStochastic gene expression in lineage trees
TueMay 2321:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Ruiwen (Raven) TangThe constant of point-line incidence constructions
TueMay 2321:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Robert GrothConstructing generalized Sierp\' inski numbers
TueMay 2320:30Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Brad IsaacsonOn some polynomial reciprocity formulas
TueMay 2320:00Combinatorial and additive number theory (CANY 2023)Karyn McLellanCounting $\mathbf{\textit{n}^{\textrm{th}}}$ differences of the floor of an irrational sequence