Banff International Research Station

City Banff, AB, Canada
Time zone Canada/Mountain



Next talkName
BIRS Workshop: Mathematical Questions in Wave Turbulence
BIRS workshop: Mathematical Models in Biology - from Information Theory to Thermodynamics
BIRS workshop: Interfacial Phenomena in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
BIRS workshop: Canadian Queueing Theorists and Practitioners Conference
BIRS workshop: Modern Breakthroughs in Diophantine Problems
BIRS workshop: Arithmetic Aspects of Algebraic Groups
BIRS workshop: Permutations and Probability
CMO workshop: Topological Complexity and Motion Planning
BIRS workshop: Combinatorial and Geometric Discrepancy
BIRS workshop: Dynamical Algebraic Combinatorics
BIRS workshop: Derived, Birational, and Categorical Algebraic Geometry
BIRS workshop: Algebraic Dynamics and its Connections to Difference and Differential Equations
CMO workshop: Mathematics and Statistics of Genomic Epidemiology
BIRS workshop: Multiscale Models for Complex Fluids: Modeling and Analysis
BIRS workshop: Mathematics of Human Environmental Systems
BIRS workshop: Geometry, Analysis, and Quantum Physics of Monopoles
BIRS workshop: Optimization under Uncertainty: Learning and Decision Making
BIRS workshop: Geometry: Education, Art, and Research
BIRS workshop: Stochastics and Geometry
IASM: Geometric PDE and Applications to Problems in Conformal and CR Geometry
Analysis on Singular Spaces
Perspectives on Knot Homology
BIRS workshop : Quantum Foundations, Gravity, and Causal Order
CMO workshop: XX International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows
BIRS workshop : Novel Mathematical Methods in Material Science: Applications to Biomaterials
BIRS workshop : Tangent Categories and their Applications
CMO Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifolds
BIRS workshop: Entropic Regularization of Optimal Transport and Applications
BIRS workshop: New Mechanisms for Regularity, Singularity, and Long Time Dynamics in Fluid Equations
CMO workshop: Multivariable Operator Theory and Function Spaces in several Variables
BIRS workshop: Random Graphs and Statistical Inference: New Methods and Applications
BIRS workshop: Totally Disconnected Locally Compact Groups via Group Actions
CMO-Bound-Preserving Space and Time Discretizations
BIRS workshop: Nonlinear Potential Theoretic Methods in Partial Differential Equations
CMO-New Trends in Nonlinear Diffusion: a Bridge between PDEs, Analysis and Geometry
BIRS workshop: Permutations and Probability
BIRS workshop: Connecting Network Structure to its Dynamics: Fantasy or Reality?
BIRS workshop: Singularity Formation in Nonlinear PDEs
CMO - Modeling and Computational Approaches to Individual and Collective Cell Movement in Complex En
BIRS workshop: Lattices and Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups
BIRS workshop: Statistical Methods for Computational Advertising
BIRS workshop: Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups: Duality, Stability, and Computations
BIRS workshop: Topology and Entanglement in Many-Body Systems
BIRS workshop Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Signaling, Transport and Mechanics
BIRS workshop: New Perspectives in Colouring and Structure
CMO- Real Polynomials: Counting and Stability
BIRS workshop: Gravitational Emergence in AdS/CFT
CMO-Bound-Geometry & Learning from Data
BIRS workshop: Quantum Field Theories and Quantum Topology Beyond Semisimplicity
BIRS workshop: Statistical Aspects of Non-Linear Inverse Problems
BIRS workshop: New Directions in Geometric Flows
CMO-Geometry and Symmetries for Phenomenology
BIRS workshop: Basic Functions, Orbital Integrals, and Beyond Endoscopy
CMO-Detection and Analysis of Gravitational Waves in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
BIRS workshop: Graph Product Structure Theory
BIRS workshop:Moving Frames and their Modern Applications
CMO-Foundations of Objective Bayesian Methodology
BIRS workshop: Geometry and Swampland

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