CMO-Detection and Analysis of Gravitational Waves in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 15-Nov-2021 to 18-Nov-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Past talks
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ThuNov 1822:45Kendall Ackley(Conference Room San Felipe and Zoom)
ThuNov 1822:00Christopher Messenger(Conference Room San Felipe and Zoom)
ThuNov 1819:00Javier M. AntelisReduction of noise events in searches of gravitational wave bursts from core-collapse supernovae with machine learning
ThuNov 1818:00Greg Ashton(Conference Room San Felipe and Zoom)
ThuNov 1816:50Deep ChatterjeeApplication of machine learning in low-latency counterpart inference from gravitational waves
ThuNov 1816:00Ik Siong HengAstrophysics with joint analysis of multi-messenger observations
WedNov 1719:00Deirdre ShoemakerBrave new world of numerical relativity
WedNov 1718:10Jess McIverNew methods for gravitational-wave data analysis
WedNov 1716:50Elena CuocoMultimodal Analysis of Gravitational Wave Signals and Gamma-Ray Bursts from Binary Neutron Star Mergers
WedNov 1716:00Bernhard MuellerMagnetic Fields in Core-Collapse Supernovae and their Progenitors
TueNov 1622:45Jade PowellThe final core-collapse of pulsational pair instability supernovae
TueNov 1622:00Vasileios SklirisReal-Time Detection of Unmodeled Gravitational-Wave Transients Using Convolutional Neural Networks
TueNov 1619:00Pablo LagunaBlack Hole - Neutron Star Binary Mergers: The Imprint of Tidal Debris
TueNov 1618:10Pablo Cerdá-Durán(Conference Room San Felipe and Zoom)
TueNov 1616:50Gabriele VajenteMachine Learning and Gravitational Wave Detectors
TueNov 1616:00Gianfranco BertoneDark matter, black holes, and gravitational waves
MonNov 1522:45Ryan Quitzow-JamesEstimating glitch contaminated gravitational-wave signals using artificial neural networks with NNETFIX
MonNov 1522:00Sydney Otten(Conference Room San Felipe and Zoom)
MonNov 1519:00Adam CooganObserving and characterizing the dark matter environments of black hole binaries with gravitational waves
MonNov 1518:10Massimiliano RazzanoDeep learning methods to investigate noise features in gravitational wave detectors
MonNov 1516:50Michael CoughlinInference as a service for gravitational-wave astronomy
MonNov 1516:00Leïla HaegelProbes of new physics during gravitational waves propagation - Leila Haegel
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