BIRS workshop: Interfacial Phenomena in Reaction-Diffusion Systems

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 03-Aug-2020 to 07-Aug-2020
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Interfacial phenomena are observed in many fields of sciences, such as chemistry, physics, biology and medicine. Examples include formation and motion of phase boundaries in multi-phase materials, propagation of population waves in ecology, and so on. This workshop focuses, among other things, on interfacial phenomena in complex environments, such as those in spatially and/or temporally heterogeneous media, those in random environments, and those in the presence of obstacles. We also focus on interfacial phenomena in biology and those related to geometry. We aim at developing new mathematical framework to deepen our understanding of those complex interfacial phenomena.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriAug 0714:20Sigurd AngenentDynamics of convex mean curvature flow
FriAug 0713:40Changfeng GuiPropagation acceleration in reaction diffusion equations with a fractional Laplacian
FriAug 0713:00Jean-Michel RoquejoffreProperties of a free boundary driven by a line of fast diffusion
ThuAug 0614:30Léo GirardinStrong competition limit, traveling waves and best dispersal strategy for Lotka-Volterra competitive systems
ThuAug 0614:00Harunori MonobeFast reaction limit of three-components reaction-diffusion systems and free boundary problems describing population dynamics
ThuAug 0613:30Maolin ZhouThe principal eigenvalue problem for some second order elliptic and parabolic operators with large advection
ThuAug 0613:00Masahiko ShimojoConvergence to traveling wave for the logarithmic diffusion equation with reaction term
WedAug 0514:30Wenxian ShenCan chemotaxis speed up or slow down the spatial spreading in parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel systems with logistic source?
WedAug 0513:40Chang-Hong WuWave Propagation in Two-Species Strong Competition Models
WedAug 0513:00Ryunosuke MoriMathematical Analysis of a Reaction-Diffusion Model for Neolithic Transition in Europe
TueAug 0414:30Cole GrahamReaction-diffusion equations in the half-space
TueAug 0414:00Samuel NordmannThe symmetry of stable solutions of semilinear elliptic equations
TueAug 0413:30Nao HamamukiAsymptotic behavior of solutions to level-set mean curvature flow equations with discontinuous source terms
TueAug 0413:00Thomas GilettiPropagating terraces in multidimensional and spatially periodic domains
MonAug 0314:20Xing LiangSpreading speeds of nonlocal diffusion KPP equations
MonAug 0313:40Quentin GrietteSharp discontinuous traveling waves in a hyperbolic Keller–Segel equation
MonAug 0313:00Yaping WuThe spectral stability of bacteria pulse wave for a Keller-Segel chemotactic model
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