CMO Knots, Surfaces and 3-manifolds


Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 20-Jun-2021 to 25-Jun-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Past talks
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FriJun 2520:30Puttipong PongtanapaisanMeridional rank of knots and their twist spuns
FriJun 2520:00Fabiola ManjarrezOn classification of genus g knots which admit a (1,1)-decomposition
FriJun 2518:00Margaret NicholsTBA
FriJun 2517:30Kristof HuszarTowards thin triangulations of 3-manifolds
FriJun 2516:00Sebastian HenseAn invitation to Curve Graphs (and their relatives
ThuJun 2421:30Jesus Rodriguez VioratoKnot universality under branched coverings and contact manifolds
ThuJun 2421:00Homayun KarimiThe Gordon-Litherland pairing for links in surfaces, and applications to the alternating links and the concordance
ThuJun 2420:30Luis ValdezKnots in the 3-sphere and primitive, power and Seifert circles in the boundary of a genus two handlebody
ThuJun 2420:00Juanita Pinzon-CaicedoToroidal integer homology spheres have irreducible SU(2)-representations
ThuJun 2417:30Yoav RieckHyperbolic groups
ThuJun 2416:00Inkang KimDegree of virtual covering map, Gromov's dihedral rigidity, and harmonic maps to the circle
WedJun 2321:30Masakazu TeragaitoGeneralized torsion elements and hyperbolic links
WedJun 2321:00Jessica PurcellGeometric triangulations and highly twisted links
WedJun 2320:30Kenneth BakerA bit about alternating surgeries and braid positivity
WedJun 2320:00José Roman Aranda CuevasKauffman skein modules of Seifert fibered spaces
WedJun 2317:30Nathan DunfieldCounting incompressible surfaces in 3-manifolds
WedJun 2316:00David FuterSystoles and cosmetic surgeries
TueJun 2221:40Gabriela HinojosaEquivalent dynamically defined wild knots
TueJun 2221:10Joshua HowieMeridionally essential one-sided spanning surfaces
TueJun 2220:00Scott TaylorNon-additivity of Equivariant Heegaard Genus
TueJun 2218:00Emily HamiltonInfinitely Many Virtual Geometric Triangulations
TueJun 2217:30Richard WebbThe conjugacy problem in mapping class groups
TueJun 2216:00Tali PinskyLifting Anosov flows using fibrations over the circle
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