CMO workshop: XX International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 07-Jun-2021 to 11-Jun-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Fluids that exhibit physical behaviors which are not Newtonian are extremely common in nature and in industrial contexts. These occur in many processes underlying natural resource industries (mining, oil and gas). These are key in manufacturing industries such as polymer processing and in new environmentally-driven manufacturing products such as printing/layering in battery manufacture, coating flows, drug and droplet encapsulation and many bio-fluid applications (e.g. blood, mucus, semen, synovial fluids). This workshop brings together mathematically oriented scientists and engineers to work on these societally important issues.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedJun 0921:10Michael GrahamDiscussions, wrap up and closing
WedJun 0920:45Patrick FarrellAugmented Lagrangian preconditioners for anisothermal, implicitly-constituted flow
WedJun 0920:20Kostis ZografosNumerical simulations using the closed from Adaptive Length Scake (ALS-C) model
WedJun 0919:55J. Esteban López-AguilarRinsing simulations of milk concentrates in spiral-wound membrane modules using OpenFOAM
WedJun 0919:30Pengtao YueModeling and simulation of hydrogel interfacial dynamics
WedJun 0919:05J. Esteban López-AguilarA coupling method for solving multiphase flow problems
WedJun 0918:40Kirti Chandra SahuA numerical study of pressure-driven two-layer channel flow involving a fluid with time-dependent viscosity
WedJun 0917:00Becca ThomasesJNNFM Complex Fluids Seminar - Quantifying fluid transitions for different strokes with applications to micro-organisms swimming in viscoelastic fluids
WedJun 0916:35J. Esteban López-AguilarUnifying disparate non-Newtonian regimes in suspensions: One model to unify them all
WedJun 0916:10Arturo Bjørklund WintersA numerical approach to the alignment tensor in flow of fiber suspensions
WedJun 0915:45Romain MariNonlocality in the transient rheology of non-Brownian suspensions
WedJun 0915:30Ian FrigaardOpening - Day 3
TueJun 0820:45Michael GrahamSpecial Event
TueJun 0820:20Mônica NaccacheHydrodynamic instabilities in flow displacement through irregular annular ducts
TueJun 0819:55Michael GrahamTollmien-Schlichting route to elastoinertial turbulence
TueJun 0819:30Li XiNon-asymptotic elastoinertial turbulence for asymptotic drag reduction
TueJun 0819:05Sujit DattaElastic turbulence in porous media
TueJun 0818:40Fernando Tavares de PinhoLES models for wall-free turbulent flows of viscoelastic FENE-P fluids
TueJun 0817:50Nick JaenssonDrag on a spherical particle at the air-liquid interface: Interplay between compressibility, Marangoni flow and surface viscosities
TueJun 0817:25J. Esteban López-AguilarComputational Interfacial rheology
TueJun 0817:00Eric ShaqfehThe effect of swirl on swimming in elastic liquids
TueJun 0816:35Arezoo ArdekaniNumerical simulation of viscoelastic fluids through porous media: flow instability and particle transport
TueJun 0816:10Sooran NorooziOn the study of viscoelastic nanofiber formation through the centrifugal spinning method
TueJun 0815:45Cassio OishiComputational simulations of viscoelastic droplet collisions
TueJun 0815:30Michael GrahamOpening - Day 2
MonJun 0720:45J. Esteban López-AguilarShear-banded flows and elastic instabilities of wormlike micellar solutions in microfluidic devices
MonJun 0720:20Lucas E. Quintero FComputation of Transient networks of FENE dumbbells
MonJun 0719:55Tim PhillipsLarge amplitude oscillatory shear flow simulation of complex fluids using micro-macro approach with transient network dynamics
MonJun 0719:30J. Esteban López-AguilarCalculation of the structure factor in complex fluids
MonJun 0719:05J. Esteban López-AguilarFlow past sphere simulations of wormlike micellar solutions
MonJun 0718:40Martien HulsenComparing the numerical stability of four positive (semi-)definite reformulations for viscoelastic constitutive models
MonJun 0717:50Emad ChaparianYield-stress fluids in porous media: effect of complex rheological behaviours and recent advances
MonJun 0717:25J. Esteban López-AguilarDisplacement flows in eccentric horizontal annuli
MonJun 0717:00Pierre SaramitoA new brittle-elastoviscoplastic fluid based on the Drucker-Prager plasticity
MonJun 0716:35J. Esteban López-AguilarViscoplastic flow in a pipe of the complex cross-section with stick-slip at the wall by accelerated augmented Lagrangian method
MonJun 0716:10Seyed Mohammad TaghaviDynamics of the buoyant injection of a viscoplastic fluid in a confined geometry
MonJun 0715:45Rekha RaoComputational models and experimental studies of mold filling in thin channels with yield stress fluids
MonJun 0715:30Ian FrigaardOpening Day 1
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