BIRS workshop: Basic Functions, Orbital Integrals, and Beyond Endoscopy

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 15-Nov-2021 to 19-Nov-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SatNov 2000:00Wee Teck GanAutomorphic discrete spectra of classical groups
FriNov 1923:00Yiannis SakellaridisThe Shintani–Casselman–Shalika formula and its generalizations; harmonic analysis, L-functions, and geometry
FriNov 1918:00Bill CasselmanThe geometry of Arthur's truncation operator
FriNov 1917:00Paul MezoEquivalent definitions of Arthur packets for real quasisplit unitary groups
FriNov 1916:00Eric OpdamResidue distributions and spherical Eisenstein series
ThuNov 1822:00Chen WanA multiplicity formula of K-types
ThuNov 1821:00Mark GoreskyOrdinary points mod p of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
ThuNov 1818:00Wei Zhangp-adic limit of (relative) orbital integrals
ThuNov 1817:00Dmitry GourevitchFinite multiplicities beyond spherical pairs
ThuNov 1816:00Raphaël Beuzart-PlessisMultipliers and isolation of the cuspidal spectrum by convolution operators
ThuNov 1800:00Bin XuArthur's conjectures for symplectic and orthogonal similitude groups
WedNov 1721:00Jessica FintzenTBA
WedNov 1718:00James ArthurOrbital L-functions for GL(3)
WedNov 1717:00Bao Chau NgoA formula for the kernel of the rho-Fourier transform
WedNov 1716:00Pierre-Henri ChaudouardRegularized period of Eisenstein series for unitary groups
TueNov 1622:00Clifton CunninghamGeneric ABV-packets for p-adic groups
TueNov 1621:00Freydoon ShahidiOn Braverman-Kazhdan/Ngo Program
TueNov 1618:00Jayce GetzBeyond endoscopy and boundary terms in reductive monoids with a view towards nonabelian trace formulae
TueNov 1617:00Loren SpiceExplicit character formulæ for tame supercuspidals via asymptotic expansions
TueNov 1616:00Dipendra PrasadRelations between cusp forms sharing Hecke eigenvalues
MonNov 1522:00Zhilin LuoHarmonic analysis and gamma functions
MonNov 1521:00Spencer LeslieEndoscopy and stabilization for symmetric varieties
MonNov 1518:00Peter SarnakThe algebraic and transcendental parts of the spectra of arithmetic manifolds
MonNov 1517:00Patrick DelormeA Plancherel formula of spherical varieties for split real reductive groups
MonNov 1516:00Joseph BernsteinTBA
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