BIRS workshop : Quantum Foundations, Gravity, and Causal Order

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 30-May-2021 to 04-Jun-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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New experiments are challenging our conventional understanding of past, present, and future in the quantum world. This workshop will, therefore, explore the very foundations of our understanding of space, time, and gravity by looking at new mathematical concepts and methods related to the quantum processes of measuring location, orientation, speed, cause and effect. We expect to forge a path that blends together new ideas on how our description of the structure of space and time must be modified to fully understand how to combine gravity with quantum physics.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJun 0423:10Timothy RalphWeak value Bohmian Trajectories of Relativistic particles
FriJun 0422:30Philippe Allard GuerinA no-go theorem for the persistent reality of Wigner's friend's perception
FriJun 0414:40Christopher WilsonAnalog Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Coupled Field Theories with a Parametric Cavity
FriJun 0414:10Silke WeinfurtnerQuantum simulators for fundamental physics
FriJun 0413:30Fabio SciarrinoExperimental tests on quantum causality
FriJun 0413:00Markus AspelmeyerQuantum tests of (quantum) gravity
ThuJun 0323:10Hui WangCoherently amplifying photon production from vacuum with a dense cloud of accelerating photodetectors
ThuJun 0322:30Valentina BaccettiVacuum entanglement harvesting with delocalized matter
ThuJun 0322:00Daniel TernoWhy astrophysical black holes do not have horizons, and what it means if they do
ThuJun 0314:40Jorma LoukoThermality of circular motion
ThuJun 0314:10Ivette FuentesQuantum Frequency Interferometry: with applications ranging from gravitational wave detection to dark matter searches
ThuJun 0313:30Helen DowkerRecovering General Relativity from a Planck scale discrete theory of quantum gravity
ThuJun 0313:00Sumati SuryaGrowing a Quantum Discrete Universe, Causally
WedJun 0223:10Thomas GalleyQuantum Relativity of Subsystems
WedJun 0222:30Achim KempfSpacetime and causality when the notion of distance is replaced by the notion of correlation
WedJun 0222:00Dan CarneyTests and implications of gravitational entanglement
WedJun 0214:40Caslav BruknerQuantum reference frames and the weak and Einstein equivalence principles
WedJun 0214:10Alessio BelenchiaQuantum Superposition of Massive Objects and the Quantization of Gravity
WedJun 0213:30Anupam MazumdarQuantum test of gravity by colliding Schrödinger's kittens
WedJun 0213:00Sougato BoseQuantum Nature of Gravity in the Lab: Assumptions, Implementation and Applications on the Way
TueJun 0123:10Magdalena ZychClocks and detectors for characterising quantum causal structures
TueJun 0122:30Eduardo Martin-MartinezA tale of two detector models: Causal structure and measurements in quantum field
TueJun 0122:00Alexander SmithRelational dynamics and quantum time dilation
TueJun 0114:40Ognyan OreshkovQuantum processes on time-delocalised systems
TueJun 0114:10Esteban Castro RuizRelative subsystems and quantum reference frame transformations
TueJun 0113:30Marios ChristodoulouQuantum Superpositions of Graphs
TueJun 0113:00Markus MüllerQuantum reference frame transformations as symmetries and the paradox of the third particle
MonMay 3123:10Andrew WhiteTBA
MonMay 3122:30Laura HendersonEntanglement Harvesting with a Twist
MonMay 3122:00Fabio CostaBackground independent quantum causal structures
MonMay 3114:40Philip WaltherShining light on the interface of gravity and quantum physics: precision measurements using photonic quantum interferometry
MonMay 3114:10Gavin MorleyLevitating nanodiamond experiments: towards a test of quantum gravity
MonMay 3113:30Aleks KissingerThe Logic of Influence and Causation
MonMay 3113:00Giulio ChiribellaQuantum operations with indefinite direction of time: the quantum time flip
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