BIRS workshop:Moving Frames and their Modern Applications

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 22-Nov-2021 to 26-Nov-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Past talks
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FriNov 2618:00Illia HayesJoint invariants of primitive actions
FriNov 2616:45Roman PopovychMethod of moving frames and computing generalized Casimir operators
FriNov 2616:00Werner SeilerSingularities of General systems of differential equations
ThuNov 2518:00Ekaterina ShemyakovaOn super Plücker embedding and cluster algebras
ThuNov 2516:45Emilio MussoHolomorphic conformal geometry of isotropic curves in the complex quadric
ThuNov 2516:00Valentin LychaginOn metric invariants of spherical harmonics
WedNov 2422:00Boris KruglikovRelative differential invariants
WedNov 2420:45Robert MilsonThe Karlhede algorithm and the Cartan equivalence method
WedNov 2420:00Tom NeedhamThe Gromov-Wasserstein distance and distributional invariants of datasets
WedNov 2418:00Eivind SchneiderDifferential invariants of Kundt spacetimes
WedNov 2416:45Orn ArnaldssonThe equivariant moving frame for Lie pseudo-groups and Cartan's equivalence method
WedNov 2416:00Evelyne HubertAlgebraic moving frame and beyond
TueNov 2322:45Sehun ChunMoving frames for the numerical solution of PDEs and beyond in applications to Meteorology, Cardiology, and Neuroscience
TueNov 2322:00Dennis TheA Cartan-theoretic classification of multiply-transitive (2,3,5)-distributions
TueNov 2320:45Roman SmirnovApplications of the method of moving frames to the theory of orthogonal separation of variables
TueNov 2320:00Mark FelsEquations of Lie type and Darboux integrability
TueNov 2318:00Thomas IveyDarboux-integrable elliptic systems and their extensions: Problems and prospects
TueNov 2316:45Artur SergyeyevMultidimensional integrability via contact geometry
TueNov 2316:00Oleg MorozovLax representations via moving frames
MonNov 2222:45Debra LewisGeometry in the service of equity: moving frames in learning analytics
MonNov 2222:00Linyu PengSymmetries and Noether’s conservation laws of semi-discrete equations
MonNov 2220:45Mireille BoutinHow to recognize an unlabeled point configuration from noisy measurements
MonNov 2220:00Gloria Mari-BeffaPseudo difference operators and discrete W_n algebras
MonNov 2218:00Michael RuddyThe moving frame method for iterated integrals: orthogonal invariants
MonNov 2216:45Hans Munthe-KaasConnection Algebras
MonNov 2216:00Peter HydonMoving frames for partial difference equations
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