BIRS workshop Mathematics of the Cell: Integrating Signaling, Transport and Mechanics

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 18-Oct-2021 to 22-Oct-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Past talks
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FriOct 2216:40Tom ChouBiophysics of X-inactivation and integration site T cell populations in HIV-infected individuals
FriOct 2215:40Jay NewbyDynamic self organization and microscale fluid properties of nucleoplasm
FriOct 2215:00Khanh Dao DucImpact of ribosomes on translation across scales and new metrics for biological shape analysis
ThuOct 2122:40Will HancockThe role of the fluid lipid bilayer in kinesin-driven vesicle transport
ThuOct 2122:00Jian LiuSpatial control over near-critical-point operation ensures fidelity of ParABS-mediated DNA partition
ThuOct 2120:50Grace McLaughlinModeling Asynchronous Nuclear Division
ThuOct 2120:10Dimitrios VavylonisCytoskeletal and membrane flows for cell polarization and motility
ThuOct 2119:30Timothy ElstonModeling polarity establishment
ThuOct 2117:20Maitreyi DasSpatiotemporal regulation of Cdc42 activity organizes cytokinetic events
ThuOct 2116:40Fred ChangRole of osmotic forces in determining the size of the nucleus
ThuOct 2115:40Samuel IsaacsonStochastic Reaction-Drift-Diffusion Methods for Studying Cell Signaling
ThuOct 2115:00Alex MogilnerRapid and accurate assembly of mitotic spindle
WedOct 2017:20Scott McKinleyOn the use and misuse of Bayesian methods for uncertainty quantification
WedOct 2016:40Christine PayneIntracellular transport of lysosomes decreases in the perinuclear region: Insights from changepoint analysis
WedOct 2015:40Peter KramerSpatial Parameterization of Attachment Processes in Molecular Motor-Cargo Systems
WedOct 2015:00Melissa RollsMechanisms and modeling of neuronal microtubule dynamics and polarity
TueOct 1922:40Daniel CoombsA hierarchy of hidden Markov methods for single particle tracking
TueOct 1922:00David OddeCellular sensing of material stiffness and negative durotaxis
TueOct 1920:50Ruth BakerQuantifying the impact of electric fields on single-cell motility
TueOct 1920:10Wouter-Jan RappelCombining experiments and modeling to better understand chemotaxis
TueOct 1919:30Padmini RangamaniElucidating the role of membrane tension in cellular processes using continuum modeling
TueOct 1917:20Alexandria VolkeningModeling and topological data analysis of zebrafish patterns
TueOct 1916:40Paul BressloffBiological pattern formation: beyond classical diffusion-based morphogenesis
TueOct 1915:40Thomas FaiCoarse-grained stochastic model of myosin-driven vesicles into dendritic spines
TueOct 1915:00William HolmesModeling intra-cellular insulin transport dynamics in pancreatic Beta cells ↓
MonOct 1822:40Stéphanie PortetTransport of intermediate filaments in cells
MonOct 1822:00Adriana DawesDynein localization and pronuclear movement in the early C. elegans embryo
MonOct 1821:00Orion WeinerSelf-organization of actin regulators guides cell morphogenesis
MonOct 1820:20Ed MunroStructural memory of filament alignment during contractile ring assembly in C. elegans embryos
MonOct 1817:20Ajay GopinathanFrom geometric incompatibility to function: Curvature sensing with twisted filaments
MonOct 1816:40Garegin PapoianSimulating Deformable Vesicles Containing Complex Cytoskeletal Networks
MonOct 1815:40Andreas ButtenschoenSpatio-temporal heterogeneities in a mechano-chemical model of collective cell migration
MonOct 1815:00Bill BementA versatile cytokinetic circuit based on Rho, F-actin, Ect2 and RGA34
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