BIRS workshop: Modern Breakthroughs in Diophantine Problems

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algebraic geometry number theory

Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 31-Aug-2020 to 04-Sep-2020
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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An equation is called Diophantine if whole number or fractional solutions are sought. Diophantine equations are named after Diophantus of Alexandria, a 3rd century mathematician and were popularized by Pierre de Fermat, a 17th century lawyer and amateur mathematician. Unlike most branches of mathematics, many Diophantine questions and theorems can be understood and appreciated by the general public, and the subject is a favourite with popularizers of mathematics. The methods for tackling Diophantine equations are however deep and varied, and the subject has recently experienced an explosion of new directions and results. This workshop will bring together experts and young scholars to explore these new directions and stimulate further research into Diophantine problems.

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