BIRS workshop: Totally Disconnected Locally Compact Groups via Group Actions

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 16-Aug-2021 to 20-Aug-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriAug 2017:30David CravenMaximal subgroups of finite simple groups
FriAug 2016:30Anitha ThillaisundaramMaximal subgroups of groups acting on rooted trees
FriAug 2015:30Tim BurnessBases for primitive permutation groups with restricted stabilisers
FriAug 2014:30Scott HarperSpread, subgroups and Shintani descent
FriAug 2001:00Andre NiesTBA
ThuAug 1921:30Stephan TornierA GAP package for self-replicating groups
ThuAug 1920:30Christian RosendalFinite conjugacy classes and split exact cochain complexes
ThuAug 1917:30David StewartThe Jacobson–Morozov theorem (and characteristic 2)
ThuAug 1916:30Aluna RizzoliA double coset problem for classical groups
ThuAug 1915:30Adam ThomasThe classification of extremely primitive groups
ThuAug 1914:30Eilidh MckemmieThe probability of generating invariably a finite simple group
ThuAug 1902:00Saul FreedmanNon-commuting, non-generating graphs of groups
ThuAug 1901:00Anne ThomasTBA
WedAug 1815:30Aristotelis PanagiotopoulosUlam stability for quotients of the p-adic groups
WedAug 1814:30Dan SegalGroups, rings, logic
WedAug 1802:00C.R.E. RajaGroup actions and power maps
WedAug 1801:00Melissa LeeTBA
TueAug 1721:00Tianyi ZhengTBA
TueAug 1720:00Waltraud LederleConjugacy and dynamics in the almost automorphism group of a tree
TueAug 1719:00Rachel SkipperThe scale function on Neretin’s group
TueAug 1716:30Zoran SunicIterated monodromy groups of conservative polynomials (
TueAug 1715:30Ilaria CastellanoThe Euler characteristic and the zeta-functions of a totally disconnected locally compact group
TueAug 1714:30Michal FerovAutomorphism groups of Cayley graphs of Coxeter groups - when are they discrete?
TueAug 1702:00Michael Giudici2-closed groups and automorphism groups of digraphs
TueAug 1701:00John BambergOrbits of Sylow p-subgroups of finite permutation groups
MonAug 1620:30Simon SmithTBA
MonAug 1619:00Colin ReidIn search of well-foundedness principles for totally disconnected locally compact groups
MonAug 1617:30Gareth TraceyOn the Fitting height and insoluble length of a finite group
MonAug 1616:30Martin LiebeckCherlin's conjecture on binary groups
MonAug 1615:15Mariapia MoscatielloBases of permutation groups and IBIS groups
MonAug 1614:30Alex LubotzkyStability and testability of permutations' equations
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