CMO-Foundations of Objective Bayesian Methodology

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 29-Nov-2021 to 02-Dec-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Past talks
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FriDec 0300:45Alan Riva-PalacioBayesian analysis of vectors of subordinators
FriDec 0300:00Mengyang GuMarginalization of latent variables for correlated data
ThuDec 0222:45Katherine HellerTowards Trustworthy Machine Learning in Medicine and the Role of Uncertainty
ThuDec 0222:00José Antonio PerusquíaA Bayesian Approach to Anomaly Detection in Computer Systems: A Review
ThuDec 0218:45Yang NiIndividualized Causal Discovery with Latent Trajectory Embedded Bayesian Networks
ThuDec 0218:00Filippo AscolaniTrees of random probability measures and Bayesian nonparametric modelling
ThuDec 0216:45Daniele DuranteAdvances in Bayesian inference for regression models with binary, categorical and partially-discretized data
ThuDec 0216:00Noirrit ChandraBayesian Scalable Precision Factor Analysis for Massive Sparse Gaussian Graphical Models
WedDec 0118:45Rajesh RanganathWhere did my Bayes Go?
WedDec 0118:00Veronika RockovaMetropolis-Hastings via Classification
WedDec 0116:45Jack JewsonGeneral Bayesian Loss Function Selection and the use of Improper Models
WedDec 0116:00David RossellConfounder importance learning for treatment effect inference
WedDec 0100:45Giovanni RebaudoGraph-Aligned Random Partition Model
WedDec 0100:00Michele GuindaniA Common Atom Model for the Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Nested Data
TueNov 3022:45Sinead WilliamsonPosterior normalizing flows
TueNov 3022:00Judith RousseauUsing cut posterior in semi parametric inference with applications to semiparametric and nonparametric Bayesian inference in hidden Markov models
TueNov 3018:45Chris HolmesPredictive Inference: a view towards objectivity
TueNov 3018:00Luis E. Nieto-BarajasCharacterizing variation of nonparametric random probability measures using the Kullback–Leibler divergence
TueNov 3016:45Alexander LyDefault Bayes Factors for Testing the (In)equality of Several Population Variances
TueNov 3016:00Helen OgdenApproximate cross validation for mixture models
TueNov 3000:45Anirban BhattarcharyaCoupling-based convergence assessment of some Gibbs samplers for high-dimensional Bayesian regression with shrinkage priors
TueNov 3000:00María Fernanda Gil Leyva VillaGibbs sampling for mixtures in order of appearance: the ordered allocation sampler
MonNov 2922:45Campbell TrevorParallel Tempering on Optimized Paths
MonNov 2922:00Julyan ArbelImproving MCMC convergence diagnostic with a local version of R-hat
MonNov 2918:45Isadora Antoniano-VillalobosBayesian mixture models for the prediction of extreme observations
MonNov 2918:00Marta CatalanoA Wasserstein index of dependence for Bayesian nonparametric modeling
MonNov 2916:45Beatrice FranzoliniNonparametric priors with full-range borrowing of information
MonNov 2916:00Igor PruensterNonparametric priors for partially exchangeable data: dependence structure and borrowing of information
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