CMO workshop: Mathematics and Statistics of Genomic Epidemiology

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Mathematics data analysis, statistics and probability

Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 09-Nov-2020 to 13-Nov-2020
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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This workshop will focus on some mathematical and statistical challenges faced by the discipline of genomic epidemiology, which tries to study the spread, transmission, and other characteristics of infectious disease-causing microbes by leveraging the information contained in their genome. These challenges are exacerbated by the large amounts of data, the relative difficulty of ascertaining transmission patterns in real-life observations, and the inherent heterogeneity of microbes.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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WedNov 1119:20Zamin IqbalRevealing hidden genetic variation in the bacterial accessory genome
WedNov 1118:50Pierre MahéImproving the interpretability of k-mer-based signatures for antibiotic resistance prediction
WedNov 1118:30John LeesHardware-accelerated genome sketching enables real-time genomic epidemiology of pathogens
WedNov 1117:10Alexandre BouchardDistribution continuum methods for phylogenetic inference
WedNov 1116:50Oliver RatmannEstimating population level transmission dynamics from pathogen deep sequence data: a case study around HIV hotspots in sub Saharan-Afric
WedNov 1116:20Mark AchtmanHierarchical population genomic structure of bacterial pathogens in EnteroBase
WedNov 1116:00Xavier DidelotAdditive uncorrelated relaxed clock models
TueNov 1019:40Art PoonOptimizing the genetic clustering of viruses for public health surveillance
TueNov 1019:20Vladimir MininBayesian modeling and data integration in infectious disease phylodynamics
TueNov 1018:50Katia KoellePhylodynamic inference - with and without phylogenies?
TueNov 1018:30David RasmussenDecomposing the sources of SARS-CoV-2 fitness variation using phylodynamics
TueNov 1017:10Maribel Hernández RosalesInsights on the Effects of Contact and Mobility Network Dynamics in the Mexican COVID-19 Epidemics
TueNov 1016:50Melodie MonodEstimating the age groups that sustain resurging COVID-19 epidemics in the United States
TueNov 1016:20Carmen MurallGenomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Quebec
TueNov 1016:00Olivier GascuelLarge-scale phylogeography of hCoV-19
MonNov 0919:40Jianhong WuCOVID-19: implication of multi-waves
MonNov 0919:20Robert BeikoMapping the shared evolutionary trajectories of resistance genes and other (possibly!) bad actors
MonNov 0918:50Liangliang WangBayesian inference of parameters in transmission models
MonNov 0918:30Aaron KingPhylodynamics and genealogy-valued Markov processes
MonNov 0917:10Jimmy LiuHigh-resolution characterization of global Salmonella subpopulations
MonNov 0916:50Nicholas CroucherThe evolution of multi-strain bacterial populations
MonNov 0916:20Lindi WahlHow different is the flu you transmit from the flu you received?
MonNov 0916:00Trevor BedfordGenomic tracking of SARS-CoV-2 evolution and spread
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