CMO- Real Polynomials: Counting and Stability

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 18-Oct-2021 to 22-Oct-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Past talks
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FriOct 2216:00Lucia Lopez de MedranoOn maximally inflected hyperbolic curves
FriOct 2215:00J. Maurice RojasCounting Pieces of Real Near-Circuit Hypersurfaces Faster
FriOct 2214:00Simone NaldiSpectrahedral representations of hyperbolic plane curves
FriOct 2213:00Khazhgali KozhasovThe many faces of polynomial capacity
ThuOct 2116:35Josué Tonelli-CuetoMetric restrictions on the number of real zeros
ThuOct 2116:20Cédric Le TexierHyperbolic plane curves near the non-singular tropical limit
ThuOct 2116:05Abeer Al AhmadiehDeterminantal Representations and the Image of the Principal Minor Map
ThuOct 2115:50Máté László TelekOn generalizing Descartes' rule of signs to hypersurfaces
ThuOct 2115:00Josephine YuPositively Hyperbolic Varieties, Tropicalization, and Positroids
ThuOct 2114:00Mauricio VelascoHarmonic hierarchies for polynomial optimization
ThuOct 2113:00Mahsa Sayyary NaminImaginary Projections: Complex Versus Real Coefficients
WedOct 2016:00Papri DayReal Degeneracy Loci of Matrices, and Hyperbolicity cones of Real Polynomials
WedOct 2015:00Mario KummerMatroids with the half-plane property and related concepts
WedOct 2014:00El Hilany BoulosA polyhedral description for the non-properness set of a polynomial map
WedOct 2013:00Claus ScheidererLow-complexity semidefinite representation of convex hulls of curves
TueOct 1916:00Cynthia VinzantLog-concavity and applications to approximate counting and sampling in matroids
TueOct 1915:00Mareike DresslerReal zeros of sums of nonnegative circuit polynomials
TueOct 1914:00Cristhian Garay LópezInflection polynomials of linear series on superelliptic curves
TueOct 1913:00Boris ShapiroReturn of the plane evolute
MonOct 1815:40Thorsten TheobaldConic stability of polynomials, imaginary projections and spectrahedra
MonOct 1814:30Frédéric BihanFewnomial bounds and multivariate generalisations of Descartes’ rule of signs
MonOct 1813:20Petter BraendenStable polynomials and related families of polynomials
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