BIRS workshop: Nonlinear Potential Theoretic Methods in Partial Differential Equations

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 06-Sep-2021 to 10-Sep-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriSep 1018:05Camillo De LellisLocally dissipative solutions of the Euler equations
FriSep 1017:20Lisa BeckLipschitz bounds and non-uniform ellipticity
FriSep 1016:10Carlo NitschSome optimization problems in thermal insulation
FriSep 1015:25Jean Van SchaftingenGinzburg–Landau functionals on planar domains for a general compact vacuum manifold
FriSep 1014:15Bruno PremoselliTowers of bubbles for critical stationary Schrodinger equations in large dimensions
FriSep 1013:30Florica CîrsteaAnisotropic elliptic equations with gradient-dependent lower order terms and L1 data
ThuSep 0918:05Robert McOwenGilbarg-Serrin Equation and Lipschitz Regularity
ThuSep 0917:20Lars DieningElliptic Equations with Degenerate Weights
ThuSep 0916:10Tadele MengeshaCalderon-Zygmund type estimates for nonlocal PDEs with Holder continuous kernel
ThuSep 0915:25Filippo GazzolaLong-time behavior of partially damped systems modeling degenerate plates with piers
ThuSep 0914:15Frédéric RobertTBA
ThuSep 0913:30Dominic BreitGlobal Besov regularity for nonlinear elliptic problems
WedSep 0818:05Scott ArmstrongOptimal doubling inequalities for periodic elliptic equations
WedSep 0817:20Tobias WethMorse index versus radial symmetry for fractional Dirichlet problems
WedSep 0816:10Jana BjornFine potential theory via analysis on metric spaces
WedSep 0815:25Paolo SalaniThe intimate relationship between log-concavity and heat flow
WedSep 0814:15Jan KristensenDecompositions of sequences of PDE constrained maps
WedSep 0813:30Rupert FrankWhich magnetic fields support a zero mode?
TueSep 0718:20Daniela De SilvaInhomogeneous global minimizers to the one-phase free boundary problem
TueSep 0717:35Ovidiu SavinThe multiple membrane problem
TueSep 0716:25Cristiana De FilippisPerturbations beyond Schauder
TueSep 0715:40Verena BogeleinHigher regularity in congested traffic dynamics
TueSep 0714:30Tuomo KuusiHomogenization, linearization and large-scale regularity for nonlinear elliptic equations
TueSep 0713:45Sebastian SchwarzacherConstruction of a right inverse for the divergence in non-cylindrical time dependent domains
TueSep 0713:00Iwona ChlebickaPotential estimates for solutions to quasilinear elliptic problems with general growth. Scalar and vectorial case
MonSep 0618:30Connor MooneyThe Bernstein problem for equations of minimal surface type
MonSep 0617:45Pengfei GuanEntropy quantities associated to Gauss curvature type flows
MonSep 0617:00Phuc NguyenChoquet integrals, capacitary inequalities, and the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function
MonSep 0615:45Matteo FocardiOn the regularity of singular sets of minimizers for the Mumford-Shah energy
MonSep 0615:00Xavier CabreStable solutions to semilinear elliptic equations are smooth up to dimension 9
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