BIRS workshop: Quantum Field Theories and Quantum Topology Beyond Semisimplicity

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Banff International Research Station

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 01-Nov-2021 to 05-Nov-2021
Curator: BIRS Programme Coordinator*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriNov 0517:30Du PeiTBA
FriNov 0516:30Antun MilasCharacters of vertex algebras and Schur indices
FriNov 0514:00Robert McRaeObtaining non-semisimple modular tensor categories from vertex operator algebras
ThuNov 0417:45Ingo RunkelNon-semisimple TQFT and manifold invariants
ThuNov 0417:00Azat GainutdinovNon-semisimple TQFT and mapping class group actions
ThuNov 0415:45Matthew RupertTBA
ThuNov 0415:00Simon LentnerTBA
ThuNov 0414:00Tudor DimofteTBA
WedNov 0319:30Joerg TeschnerDiscussion session: interplay of QFT and quantum topology
WedNov 0317:30Anna Beliakova4-manifold invariants from unimodular ribbon categories
WedNov 0316:30Cristina Palmer-AnghelColoured Jones and coloured Alexander polynomials unified by a graded Lagrangian intersection
WedNov 0315:00Jürgen FuchsBulk from boundary in finite conformal field theory
WedNov 0314:00Nicolai ReshethTBA
TueNov 0219:30Christian BlanchetDiscussion session: renormalized invariants and TQFT beyond semisimplicity
TueNov 0217:30Miroslav RapcakW∞ modules and melted crystals of DT and PT
TueNov 0216:30Rinat KashaevThe Alexander polynomial as a universal invariant
TueNov 0215:00Boris FeiginVertex algebras "with big center", logarithmic theories and bundles of vertex algebras
TueNov 0214:00Tomoyuki ArakawaTBA
MonNov 0120:00David RidoutRelaxed modules and logarithmic CFT
MonNov 0119:00Drazen AdamovicOn indecomposable and logarithmic modules for affine vertex algebras
MonNov 0117:00Simon WoodGrothendieck-Verdier duality in categories of VOA modules with examples
MonNov 0115:30Francesco CostantinoConjectural relations on sl2 non-semisimple invariants and BPS series
MonNov 0114:30Sergei GukovTBA
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