Log-concave inequalities for posets

30-Sep-2021, 21:00-22:00 (2 years ago)

Abstract: The study of log-concave inequalities for combinatorial objects have seen much progress in recent years. One such progress is the solution to the strongest form of Mason's conjecture (independently by Anari et. al. and Brándën-Huh) that the f-vectors of matroid independence complex is ultra-log-concave. In this talk, we discuss a new proof of this result through linear algebra and discuss generalizations to greedoids and posets. This is a joint work with Igor Pak.

The talk is aimed at a general audience.


Audience: learners

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UCLA Combinatorics Forum

Series comments: This quarter, the talks will be in-person with no Zoom livestream.

Organizers: Pavel Galashin*, Igor Pak*, Colleen Robichaux*
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