The Grothendieck ring of stacks

Federico Scavia (UBC)

30-Jul-2021, 19:00-20:00 (2 years ago)

Abstract: The Grothendieck ring of algebraic stacks was introduced by T. Ekedahl in 2009, following up on work of other authors. It is a generalization of the Grothendieck ring of varieties. For every linear algebraic group $G$, we may consider the class of its classifying stack $BG$ in this ring. Computing the class of $BG$ is related to the famous rationality problem for fields of $G$-invariants (Noether's problem). I will give a brief introduction to the Grothendieck ring of stacks, and then talk about some of my results in this area.

algebraic geometry

Audience: researchers in the topic

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Stanford algebraic geometry seminar

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Organizer: Ravi Vakil*
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