Fano varieties: from derived categories to geometry via stability

Arend Bayer (University of Edinburgh)

05-Mar-2021, 20:00-21:00 (23 months ago)

Abstract: A Fano variety $X$ can be reconstructed from its bounded derived category $D^b(X)$. How to use this fact to extract concrete geometric information from $D^b(X)$? In this talk, I will survey one such approach, via certain subcategories of $D^b(X)$ called Kuznetsov components, and stability conditions. Via moduli spaces of stable objects inside Kuznetsov components, this naturally leads to the reconstruction of many natural moduli spaces classically associated to $X$. In addition to results by a number of authors for Fano threefolds, I will also discuss work in progress (joint with Bertram, Macri, Perry) for cubic fourfolds. Combined with studying Brill-Noether loci, this leads to the construction of special surfaces on an infinite sequence of Hassett-special cubic fourfolds. In some cases, this leads to a natural reinterpretation of recent proofs of rationality of such cubic fourfolds via wall-crossing.

algebraic geometry

Audience: researchers in the topic

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Stanford algebraic geometry seminar

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