Local monodromy of Drinfeld modules

Maxim Mornev (ETHZ)

03-Dec-2020, 18:00-19:00 (8 months ago)

Abstract: The theory of Drinfeld modules is remarkably similar to the theory of abelian varieties, but their local monodromy behaves differently and is poorly understood. In this talk I will present a research program which aims to fully describe this monodromy. The cornerstone of this program is a "z-adic" variant of Grothendieck's l-adic monodromy theorem.

The talk is aimed at a general audience of number theorists and arithmetic geometers. No special knowledge of monodromy theory or Drinfeld modules is assumed.

number theory

Audience: researchers in the discipline

Comments: There will be a pre-talk introducing the theory of t-motives.

UCSD number theory seminar

Series comments: Only one registration required for 2020-21.

Most talks are preceded by a pre-talk for graduate students and postdocs. The pre-talks start 30 minutes prior to the posted time (usually at 1:30pm Pacific).

Organizers: Kiran Kedlaya*, Alina Bucur, Aaron Pollack, Cristian Popescu, Claus Sorensen
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