Tutorial for developers: Portability testing of the Sage distribution using Docker and the Sage distro-package database (50min)

Matthias Köppe (University of California, Davis)

27-May-2020, 20:30-21:20 (18 months ago)

Abstract: Sage is intended to build and run on a variety of platforms, including all major Linux distributions, as well as macOS, and Windows (with Cygwin). There is considerable variation among these platforms. To ensure that Sage continues to build correctly on users’ machines, it is crucial to test changes to Sage, in particular when external packages are added or upgraded, on a wide spectrum of platforms. This tutorial introduces developers to the new tools for portability testing that were introduced in Sage 9.1.

mathematical softwaresymbolic computationMathematics

Audience: general audience

( paper | slides | video )

Global Virtual SageDays 109

Series comments: Description: 50-hour virtual event for users and developers of SageMath

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Organizers: Matthias Köppe*, Samuel Lelièvre, Dima Pasechnik, Yuan Zhou*
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