Global Virtual SageDays 109

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University of California, Davis

Audience: General audience
Conference dates: 27-May-2020 to 29-May-2020
Organizers: Matthias Köppe*, Samuel Lelièvre, Dima Pasechnik, Yuan Zhou*
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Description: 50-hour virtual event for users and developers of SageMath

Please register, preferably before the start of the event, at

Links to individual videostreams will be posted on Zulip before the beginning of each talk.

Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriMay 2911:30TBASageDays 109 closing session: Planning of future SageDays (30min)
FriMay 2902:00Kwankyu LeeIntegral curves over finite fields with function fields (25min)
ThuMay 2821:00Anne SchillingMarkov chains through semigroup graph expansions (25min)
ThuMay 2819:00Jonathan KliemCombinatorial polyhedra and development of geometric polyhedra in Sage (25 min)
ThuMay 2818:30Kiran KedlayaTorsion closures of ideals (25min)
ThuMay 2816:00Túlio ToffoloAn Introduction to Python-MIP: Building an effective traveling salesman problem solver in 30 Minutes with Python-MIP
ThuMay 2815:00John Palmieri, Nicolas M. Thiéry, and othersPanel discussion: Future development directions for SageMath (2h)
ThuMay 2814:00Nicolas M. ThiéryOpenDreamKit: a debriefing (25min)
ThuMay 2802:00Karl-Dieter Crisman (host)Open discussion: Sage in Education (55min)
ThuMay 2800:00Travis ScrimshawConstructing algebraic objects with the category framework in Sage (tutorial, 50min)
WedMay 2722:00Haroldo G. SantosOn the design of Python-MIP: Why another Python optimization library? (45min)
WedMay 2720:30Matthias KöppeTutorial for developers: Portability testing of the Sage distribution using Docker and the Sage distro-package database (50min)
WedMay 2720:00Julian RüthIntroduction to running SageMath in Docker (tutorial, 25min)
WedMay 2718:30William HartFlint-2.6.0 -- the biggest update in 5 years! (40min)
WedMay 2718:00William HartIntroduction to Flint (25min)
WedMay 2717:00Karl-Dieter CrismanPreTeXt - nuts and bolts (tutorial, 55min)
WedMay 2716:30Karl-Dieter CrismanPreTeXt: Write Once, Read Anywhere - with Sage (tutorial, 25min)
WedMay 2714:00Edinah GnangBroadening the Linear Algebra Toolkit to a theory of constructs (25min)
WedMay 2713:30Alex J. BestComputations with p-adic polylogarithms in Sage (25min)
WedMay 2713:00Krystal GuoUsing SageMath in Algebraic Graph Theory (25min)
WedMay 2712:00Jean-Philippe LabbéCombinatorics and geometry of polyhedra in Sage (tutorial, 50min)
WedMay 2710:00Fredrik StrömbergAn introduction to SageMath and Python (tutorial, 90min)
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