How to collapse a simplicial complex: theory and practice

Giovanni Paolini (AWS and Caltech)

01-Dec-2020, 18:15-18:45 (3 years ago)

Abstract: Sometimes one wants to answer topological questions about a simplicial complex: Is it contractible? Does it deformation retract onto a certain subcomplex? What is its homotopy type? What is its homology? In this talk, I will introduce discrete Morse theory, which allows approaching these questions in a purely combinatorial way, by constructing sequences of "elementary collapses" between pairs of simplices. Then I will outline algorithms and hardness results for collapsibility and discrete Morse theory.

computer science theorycombinatoricsgeometric topology

Audience: researchers in the discipline

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LA Combinatorics and Complexity Seminar

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Organizers: Igor Pak*, Greta Panova
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