Integrability in Gauge and String Theory (IGST) 2020

HEP - theory mathematical physics

ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 24-Aug-2020 to 28-Aug-2020
Organizers: Nathan Berkovits*, Pedro Vieira*
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Zoom information and program on webpage Zoom ID: 928 4782 6459 Zoom password: IGST

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriAug 2816:00Pedro VieiraDiscussion Session on New Developments
FriAug 2815:30Ben HoareSigma models with local couplings: a new connection between integrability and RG flow.
FriAug 2815:00Yifei HeGeometrical four-point functions in the 2d critical Q-state Potts model
FriAug 2814:00Konstantin ZaremboDiscussion Session on Strings
FriAug 2813:30Bogdan StefanskiChern Simons Origin of Superstring Integrability
FriAug 2813:00David SkinnerAmbitwistor Strings on AdS3 x S3
ThuAug 2716:00Juan MaldacenaDiscussion Session on Black Holes and Integrability
ThuAug 2715:30Gustavo TuriaciNon-perturbative aspects of 2D gravity, matrix integrals, and the minimal string
ThuAug 2715:00Leopoldo A. Pando ZayasSub-leading microstate counting of AdS black hole entropy
ThuAug 2714:00Shota KomatsuDiscussion Session on Boundaries
ThuAug 2713:30Diego CorreaWilson lines as 1d defects
ThuAug 2713:00Charlotte KristjansenDomain walls as integrable boundary states in N=4 SYM.
WedAug 2616:00Agnese BissiDiscussion Session on CFT
WedAug 2615:30Silviu PufuModular invariants in strongly-coupled N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory
WedAug 2615:00Fernando Alday6d (2,0) correlators and Quantum M-theory
WedAug 2614:00Andrea CavagliaDiscussion Session on Fishnet and QSC
WedAug 2613:30Deliang ZhongThermodynamic Bethe Ansatz for Fishnet CFT
WedAug 2613:00Fedor Levkovich-MaslyukSeparation of variables and scalar products at any rank: from spin chains to fishnet CFT
TueAug 2516:00Vladimir KazakovDiscussion Session on Matrix Bootstrap
TueAug 2515:30Luigi TizzanoDelayed Deconfinement and the Hawking-Page Transition
TueAug 2515:00Henry LinBootstrapping Matrices
TueAug 2514:00Simon Caron HuotDiscussion Session on Amplitudes
TueAug 2513:30Amit SeverAn Operatot Product Expansion for Form Factors
TueAug 2513:00Georgios PapathanasiouIntegrable limits of scattering amplitudes
MonAug 2416:00Patrick DoreyDiscussion Session on Sigma Models
MonAug 2415:30Stefano NegroCDD deformations of 2D Integrable Quantum Field Theories
MonAug 2415:00Evgeny SobkoPrincipal Chiral Model at Large N and the glimpse of a new String Theory
MonAug 2414:00Ivan KostovDiscussion Session on Hexagons
MonAug 2413:30Thiago FleuryHigher-Point Functions with Hexagonalization
MonAug 2413:00Gregory KorchemskyOctagons in planar N=4 super Yang-Mills
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