Algebraic Statistics 2020

Biology commutative algebra algebraic geometry combinatorics statistics theory

University of Hawaiʻi

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 22-Jun-2020 to 26-Jun-2020
Organizers: Elizabeth Gross*, Sonja Petrovic, Vishesh Karwa
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriJun 2618:30Elina RobevaSuperresolution imaging and total positivity
FriJun 2618:00Ben HolleringIdentifiability in phylogenetics using algebraic matroids
FriJun 2617:30Toru ImaiEstimating real log canonical thresholds
FriJun 2617:00Donald RichardsSums and powers of totally positive functions
ThuJun 2518:30Muhammad ArdiyansyahModel embeddability for symmetric group-based models
ThuJun 2518:00Frank RöttgerA central limit theorem for the two-sided descent statistic on Coxeter groups
ThuJun 2517:30Naoki HayashiBayesian generalization error and real log canonical threshold in non-negative matrix factorization and latent Dirichlet allocation
ThuJun 2517:00Marta CasanellasThe embedding problem for Markov matrices
WedJun 2418:30Daniel BernsteinRigidity of symmetry-forced frameworks
WedJun 2418:00Pratik MisraGaussian graphical models with toric vanishing ideals
WedJun 2417:30Alexandros GrosdosExact solutions in log-concave maximum likelihood estimation
WedJun 2417:00Ruriko YoshidaTropical support vector machines
TueJun 2318:30Jane CoonsQuasi-independence models with rational maximum likelihood estimate
TueJun 2318:00Hector BañosIdentifiability of species networks using the log-det distance
TueJun 2317:30Seth GerberdingIdentifiability of linear compartmental models: the effect of moving inputs, outputs, and leaks
TueJun 2317:00Liam SolusInterventional varieties
MonJun 2218:30Colby LongHypothesis testing with rank conditions in phylogenetics
MonJun 2218:00Carlos AméndolaConditional independence in max-linear Bayesian networks
MonJun 2217:30Isabelle ShankarSymmetry adapted Gram apectrahedra
MonJun 2217:00Guido MontúfarMinimum optimal transport distance estimation on a variety
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