Real semi-simple Lie algebras are determined by their Iwasawa subalgebras.

Michael Jablonski (University of Oklahoma)

03-Nov-2023, 17:00-18:00 (8 months ago)

Abstract: Real semi-simple Lie algebras arise naturally both algebraically, in the study of Lie theory, and geometrically, in the study of symmetric spaces. After recalling why these algebras are of interest, we will investigate their uniqueness properties through the lens of special subalgebras, the so-called Iwasawa subalgebras. While the results are algebraic, the tools to obtain them come from the Riemannian geometry of solvmanifolds. We will finish the talk with a quick discussion of the complex setting and how it differs from the real setting. This is joint work with Jon Epstein (McDaniel College).

differential geometry

Audience: researchers in the discipline

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