Workshop on Sociophysics: Social Phenomena from a Physics Perspective

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applied physics physics and society

ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: Mon Oct 18 to Fri Oct 22
Organizer: Jandira Oliveira*
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Past talks
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FriOct 2214:15José FontanariWisdom of crowds: much ado about nothing
FriOct 2213:45Marcelo KupermanThe destructive effect of human stupidity: a revision of Cipolla’s fundamental laws
FriOct 2213:15Sebastián GonçalvesUrban Scaling of COVID-19 across countries
FriOct 2213:00Ariel Olaf SalgadoThe R Network evolution: characterization of a collaborative network of software
FriOct 2212:30Fabiano RibeiroThe Physics of Cities
FriOct 2212:00Guillaume DeffuantGroup dominance or group hierarchies emerging from interplay between gossip and group prejudice
ThuOct 2114:45Francisco WS LimaMajority-vote and Biswas-Chatterjee-Sen model on Complex Networks
ThuOct 2114:30Nagi KhalilA continuous-opinion model inspired by the physics of granular gases
ThuOct 2114:15Sina SajjadiSocial distancing in pedestrian dynamics and its effect on disease spreading
ThuOct 2113:45Alexandre MartinezThermodynamics applied to game theory: study of the risk associated with cooperation in the Public Goods Games
ThuOct 2113:15Fátima Velásquez-RojasEffects of the COVID-19 pandemic in higher education: a particular case from the perspective of complex systems
ThuOct 2113:00Edgardo BrigattiEntropy and hierarchical clustering: analysing built environments in different spatial cultures
ThuOct 2112:30Juan Alejandro ValdiviaThe complex traffic in cities under route optimization … an example of transport over complex networks
ThuOct 2112:00Raúl ToralThe biased voter model
WedOct 2014:45José Roberto IglesiasGrowing inequality and wealth redistribution
WedOct 2014:30Allan VieiraDynamics of the threshold q-voter opinion with independence in random networks
WedOct 2014:15Francisco RodriguesA machine learning approach for identification of the most influential spreaders in networks
WedOct 2013:45Viktoriya SemeshenkoThe Network Structure of Inter-Industry Labor Mobility in Argentina
WedOct 2013:15André MartinsTheoretical differences between extreme and polarized opinions
WedOct 2013:00Marco Antonio AmaralMixing innovative and imitative dynamics in evolutionary games: the role of update rules
WedOct 2012:30Andrea RapisardaInvestigating the role of talent and luck in getting success
WedOct 2012:00Hernán MakseHow network theory and contact tracing can help to stop the Covid-19 pandemic
TueOct 1914:45José Soares-AndradeCracking urban mobility
TueOct 1914:30Marcos GaudianoWhy are the borders of Palestine/Israel and Wallonia/Flanders so different?: Entropic Analysis of a Schelling model with hierarchically structured initial conditions
TueOct 1914:15Kishore DuttaInvasion Dynamics: Deception favours slow invasion
TueOct 1913:45Fabiana LagunaOptimal risk in a wealth exchange model: Agent dynamics from a microscopic perspective
TueOct 1913:15Arkadiusz JedrzejewskiCompeting local and global interactions in social dynamics: how important is the friendship network?
TueOct 1913:00Roberto AndradeSocio-economic urban scaling properties: influence of regional geographic heterogeneities in Brazil
TueOct 1912:30Serge GalamWhat was right with my failed prediction of a 2020 second Trump victory?
TueOct 1912:00Mauro MobiliaHow does homophily and heterophily shape the topology of preferred-degree networks?
MonOct 1814:45Silvio FerreiraEcho chambers in Twitter debates on political debates in Brazil
MonOct 1814:30Wesley CotaInfectious disease dynamics in metapopulations with heterogeneous transmission and recurrent mobility
MonOct 1814:15Jorge RevelliEntropic analysis of an opinion formation model presenting a spontaneous third position emergence
MonOct 1813:45Pablo BalenzuelaAnalyzing mass media influence using natural language processing and time series analysis
MonOct 1813:00Maxi San MiguelCoevolution dynamics of opinion and social network
MonOct 1812:30Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron“Private Truths, Public Lies” within agent-based modeling
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