TTbar Deformation and Integrability

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 09-Nov-2020 to 13-Nov-2020
Organizers: Changrim Ahn, Robert de Mello Koch, Euihun Joung, Junggi Yoon*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
Your timeSpeakerTitle
FriNov 1309:30Changrim AhnExact S-matrix and RG flow for Super-Liouville Theory with (TTbar)_s deformations
FriNov 1308:00Benjamin DoyonTTbar deformations, the width of fundamental particles, and generalised hydrodynamics
FriNov 1301:30Yu NakayamaVery special TJ deformations
FriNov 1300:00Jorrit KruthoffTBA
ThuNov 1209:30Kentaroh YoshidaTTbar-deformation and Liouville gravity
ThuNov 1208:00Shinji HiranoRandom Geometry Approach to TTbar Deformation
ThuNov 1202:00Jong-Hyun BaekHolography of TTbar deformation in quantum mechanics
ThuNov 1201:30Kyungkiu KimMore on Phase Transition in deformed JT Gravity
ThuNov 1200:00Van RaamsdonkMicroscopic construction of Planck branes in AdS/CFT
WedNov 1109:30Monica GuicaTBA
WedNov 1108:00Ioannis PapadimitriouOn AdS3 and AdS2 boundary conditions
WedNov 1101:30Mitsuhiro NishidaEntanglement and Renyi Entropy of Multiple Intervals in TTbar Deformed CFT and Holography
WedNov 1100:00Vladimir RosenhausIntegrability and renormalization under T \\bar T
TueNov 1009:30Yunfeng JiangTTbar deformed 1d Bose gas
TueNov 1008:00Roberto TateoA classical 4D generalisation of the TTbar-deformation
TueNov 1001:30Song HeCorrelation function in TTbar deformed CFTs
TueNov 1000:00Mark MezeiTTbar-like theories and their symmetries
MonNov 0909:30Eoin O ColgainFrom O(d,d) to TTbar via Yang-Baxter deformations
MonNov 0908:00Alessandro SfondriniT-Tbar deformations and string theory
MonNov 0901:30Akikazu HashimotoObservables of TT-bar deformed CFTs and generalizations
MonNov 0900:00Joao CaetanoMaximally Supersymmetric RG Flows in 4D and Integrability
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