Trends in Computational Discrete Optimization

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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 24-Apr-2023 to 28-Apr-2023
Organizer: Shadira Presbot*
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The aim of this workshop is to discuss many exciting recent developments on the computational side of discrete optimization. The workshop has three main themes. The first theme is that of commercial and academic/open-source solvers that have allowed the solution of very large-scale problems, and of recent developments in exact solvers that have allowed for proofs of results in logic, knot theory, and combinatorics. The second theme is the interaction between optimization and machine learning: these two areas complement each other in several ways. The third theme is quantum computing and unconventional computing architectures: quantum computing has been used to tackle combinatorial optimization problems, and quantum algorithms exist for other related optimization problems such as linear and semidefinite relaxations.

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