Challenges for Witnessing Quantum Aspects of Gravity in a Lab

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ICTP South American Institute for Fundamental Research

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 07-Jun-2021 to 11-Jun-2021
Organizer: Jandira Oliveira*
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Past talks
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FriJun 1115:00Nancy AggarwalRoom temperature optomechanical squeezing
FriJun 1114:30Cristian PandaProbing the interplay of quantum mechanics and gravity using a trapped atom interferometer
FriJun 1114:00Brian D’ UrsoMagneto-Gravitational Trapping of SiC Particles Containing Si-Vacancy Centers
FriJun 1113:00Tongcang LiUltrasensitive torque detection with an optically levitated nanoparticle
FriJun 1112:30Simone RijavecDecoherence effects in non-classicality tests of gravity
FriJun 1112:00N. D. Hari DassSimple experiments to probe parity violation in Gravitation, and their theoretical implications
FriJun 1111:30Peter BarkerCharged levitated nano-oscillators for testing macroscopic quantum mechanics
ThuJun 1015:30Ron FolmanMatter-wave interferometers on the atom chip
ThuJun 1015:00Chas BlakemoreFirst search for new long range forces at the micron scale using optically levitated microspheres
ThuJun 1014:30Andrew GeraciTBA
ThuJun 1014:00Jack HarrisMeasuring the higher-order phonon statistics in a nanogram volume of superfluid helium
ThuJun 1013:30Timothy KovachyProbing gravity nonlocally with macroscopically delocalized atom interferometers
ThuJun 1012:30David MooreProgress towards the quantum measurement regime with optically levitated nanogram-scale masses
ThuJun 1012:00Hendrik UlbrichtProbing gravity of quantum systems in the paradigm of levitated mechanics
ThuJun 1011:30Markus AspelmeyerGravitational coupling of microscopic source masses: challenges for future quantum Cavendish experiments
WedJun 0915:30Igor PikovskiQuantum optics at the interface with gravity
WedJun 0915:00Jacob TaylorQuantum information-driven tests of gravitationally-mediated entanglement
WedJun 0914:30Marko TorosRelative Acceleration Noise Mitigation for Nanocrystal Matter-wave Interferometry: Application to Entangling Masses via Quantum Gravity
WedJun 0914:00Myungshik KimRotations at Quantum level
WedJun 0913:00Gavin MorleyLevitating nanodiamond experiments towards a test of quantum gravity
WedJun 0912:30Ryan MarshmanThe design and use of Stern-Gerlach interferometry for Gravitational Experiments
WedJun 0912:00Martin PlenioTowards Robust Interferometry with Massive Particles
TueJun 0815:00Daniel CarneyTheory implications from tabletop gravity experiments
TueJun 0814:30Anupam MazumdarQuantum test of Gravity by colliding Schrödinger’s kittens
TueJun 0814:00Vlatko VedralDifferent degrees of reliability of lab-based tests of quantum aspects of gravity
TueJun 0813:00Gerald GabrieleOne-Particle Quantum Cyclotron
TueJun 0812:30Yair MargalitTowards testing quantum gravity using the full-loop Stern-Gerlach interferometer
TueJun 0812:00Markus ArndtUniversal matter-wave interferometry: opportunity and challenges in probing quantum physics at the interface to gravity
MonJun 0715:45Maulik ParikhThe Noise of Gravitons
MonJun 0715:15Kathryn ZurekObservational consequences of quantum gravity in interferometers
MonJun 0714:45Claus LaemmerzahlTBA
MonJun 0714:15Jan HarmsTerrestrial gravity fluctuations in GW detectors
MonJun 0713:05Samir MathurContrasting the fuzzball and wormhole paradigms for resolving the black hole information paradox
MonJun 0712:35Sougato BoseQuantum Nature of Gravity in the Lab: Assumptions, Implementation and Applications on the Way
MonJun 0712:05Carlo RovelliWhat do the Gravitational Entanglement Lab Experiments Teach us about Quantum Spacetime
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