Probabilistic Combinatorics Online 2020

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discrete mathematics combinatorics probability

Monash University / Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 23-Sep-2020 to 25-Sep-2020
Organizers: Maksim Zhukovskii, Mikhail Isaev, Andrey Kupavskii, Dmitry Shabanov
Curator: Alexandr Polyanskii*
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password: first 6 decimal places of $\pi$ after the decimal point

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriSep 2517:00Xavier Pérez GiménezThe chromatic number of a random lift of $K_d$
FriSep 2516:00Allan SlyLocal functions for the Ising model on the tree
FriSep 2514:30József BaloghExtensions of Mantel’s theorem
FriSep 2514:00Bhargav NarayananThe threshold of the square of the Hamilton cycle
FriSep 2513:30Felix JoosDirac-type results for hypergraph decompositions into cycles
FriSep 2513:00Peleg MichaeliGreedy maximal independent sets via local limits
FriSep 2510:30Jakub KozikBi-uniform property b
FriSep 2510:00Alexander SemenovProbability thresholds estimates for coloring properties of random hypergraphs
FriSep 2509:00Persi DiaconisA course on probabilistic combinatorics
ThuSep 2417:00Matthew KwanPerfect matchings in random hypergraphs
ThuSep 2416:00Lutz WarnkePrague dimension of random graphs
ThuSep 2414:30Nikolaos FountoulakisOn the spectral gap and the expansion of random simplicial complexes
ThuSep 2414:00Will PerkinsFinite-size scaling for the random cluster model on random graphs
ThuSep 2413:00Mihyun KangTopological aspects of random graphs
ThuSep 2410:30Sergei KiselevRainbow matchings in $k$-partite hypergraphs
ThuSep 2410:00Lior GishbolinerVery fast construction of bounded-degree spanning graphs via the semi-random graph process
ThuSep 2409:00Michael KrivelevichColor-biased Hamilton cycles in random graphs
WedSep 2317:00David GamarnikLow-degree hardness of random optimization problems
WedSep 2316:00Jane GaoRandom graphs with specified degree sequences
WedSep 2314:00Pawel PralatLocalization game for random graphs
WedSep 2313:00Benjamin SudakovLarge independent sets from local considerations
WedSep 2311:00Nicholas WormaldFast uniform generation of regular graphs and contingency tables
WedSep 2310:00Brendan McKaySome remarks on the method of switchings
WedSep 2309:00Alexey PokrovskiyRota's basis conjecture holds asymptotically
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