Eighth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics

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algebraic geometry analysis of PDEs combinatorics complex variables differential geometry dynamical systems general mathematics metric geometry number theory probability symplectic geometry

UC Berkeley

Audience: Researchers in the discipline
Conference dates: 03-Aug-2020 to 11-Aug-2020
Organizers: Erik Bates*, Alan Hammond, Fraydoun Rezakhanlou, Milind Hegde*
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The Eighth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics will be a high profile mathematical event that will cover a wide range of exciting research in contemporary mathematics. It will be held online between Monday, August 3rd and Tuesday, August 11th, featuring nine plenary speakers and ten discipline-specific sessions.

Very brief registration for livestream info: wp.math.berkeley.edu/pacificrim2020/registration-for-sessions/

Upcoming talks
Past talks
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ThuAug 2700:00Neil Trudinger (CANCELLED)Generated Jacobian Equations; convexity, geometric optics and optimal transportation (CANCELLED)
TueAug 1118:00Kornélia HéraHausdorff dimension of unions of affine subspaces and related problems
TueAug 1117:00Polona DurcikSingular integrals and patterns in the Euclidean space
TueAug 1116:00Hong WangIncidence estimates with application to Fourier analysis
TueAug 1102:00Pin YuOn the rigidity from infinity for nonlinear Alfven waves
TueAug 1101:00Volker SchlueExpanding black hole cosmologies
TueAug 1100:00Juhi JangDynamics of Newtonian stars
MonAug 1018:00Michael Christ (plenary)Oscillation and frustration in multilinear inequalities
MonAug 1017:00Chun-Kit LaiFourier bases and Fourier frames for singular measures
MonAug 1016:00Zane LiConnections between decoupling and efficient congruencing
FriAug 0723:00Simon Donaldson (plenary)$G_{2}$-geometry and complex variables (NEW TIME)
FriAug 0702:10Takeshi Saito (plenary)Wild ramification and the cotangent bundle in mixed characteristic
FriAug 0701:10Shinichiroh MatsuoThe Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index and domain-wall fermion Dirac operators
FriAug 0701:10Shunsuke YamanaBase change and central values of triple product L-series
FriAug 0700:20Ellen Eischen$p$-adic aspects of $L$-functions and automorphic forms
ThuAug 0623:00Richard Bamler (plenary)Uniqueness of Weak Solutions to the Ricci Flow and Topological Applications
ThuAug 0618:00Yakov Eliashberg (plenary)The program of arborealization
ThuAug 0617:00Eleny IonelThin compactifications and Relative Fundamental Classes
ThuAug 0616:00Ko HondaConvex hypersurface theory in higher-dimensional contact topology
ThuAug 0615:00Dan Cristofaro-GardinerThe simplicity conjecture
ThuAug 0605:00Radu LazaRemarks on degenerations of Hyperkaehler and Calabi-Yau manifolds
ThuAug 0604:00Xiaokui YangRC-positivity and geometry of complex manifolds
ThuAug 0603:00Tomoyuki HisamotoOptimal lower bound of the Calabi type functionals
ThuAug 0603:00Senjo ShimizuMaximal $L^1$-regularity for parabolic boundary value problems with inhomogeneous data in the half-space
ThuAug 0603:00Wen-Wei LiStable trace formula for metaplectic groups
ThuAug 0602:10Glen WheelerOn Chen's Flow
ThuAug 0602:10Tsuyoshi Kato$L^2$ harmonic theory and Seiberg-Witten Bauer-Furuta theory on non-compact complete Riemannian 4-manifolds
ThuAug 0602:10Cheng-Chiang TsaiUniform bounds of orbital integrals
ThuAug 0601:10Baoxiang WangNavier-Stokes Equation in Super-Critical Spaces $E^s_{p,q}$
ThuAug 0601:10Jeff ViaclovskyGravitational instantons and K3 surfaces
ThuAug 0601:10Yoichi MiedaLocal Saito-Kurokawa $A$-packets and $l$-adic cohomology of Rapoport-Zink tower for $GSp(4)$
ThuAug 0600:20Thomas SiderisThe affine motion of 2d incompressible ideal fluids surrounded by vacuum
ThuAug 0600:20Ailana FraserHigher eigenvalue optimization
ThuAug 0600:20Hector PastenHilbert's tenth problem for rings of integers of certain number fields of degree six
WedAug 0503:00Weiping ZhangPositive scalar curvature on foliations
WedAug 0503:00Chiun-Chuan ChenTravelling wave solutions of the 3-species Lotka-Volterra competition system with diffusion
WedAug 0502:20Insuk SeoMetastable interacting particle systems
WedAug 0502:10Yoshihiko MatsumotoAsymptotically complex hyperbolic Einstein spaces and CR geometry
WedAug 0502:00Yoshihisa MoritaSegregation pattern in a mathematical model of cell polarity
WedAug 0501:20Lisa SauermannOn the extension complexity of random polytopes
WedAug 0501:10Pedram HekmatiHolomorphic bundles on foliations
WedAug 0501:10Michael WardSynchrony and oscillatory dynamics for a 2-D PDE-ODE model of diffusion-sensing with small signaling compartments
WedAug 0501:10Mao ShengDe Rham decomposition theorem with intersection condition
WedAug 0500:20Peter EbenfeltDeformations and embeddings of compact strictly pseudoconvex CR 3-manifolds
WedAug 0500:20Sourav ChatterjeeMass gap implies quark confinement
WedAug 0500:20Yoshiki OshimaCollapsing of Ricci-flat Kahler metrics and compactifications of moduli spaces
TueAug 0417:20Daniel RemenikNon-intersecting Brownian motions with outliers, KPZ fluctuations and random matrices
TueAug 0416:20Amir DemboUniversality for diffusions interacting through a random matrix
TueAug 0415:00Ofer Zeitouni (plenary)Stability and instability of spectrum for small random perturbations of structured non-normal matrices
TueAug 0402:10Yihong Du (plenary)Propagation, diffusion and free boundaries
TueAug 0401:10Hojoo LeeMinimal surfaces and flat structures
TueAug 0401:10Yong-Jung KimCan you tell how effective a COVID-19 prevention scheme is at elementary schools?
TueAug 0400:20Mariel SáezShort-time existence for the network flow
TueAug 0400:20Yoichiro MoriStability of planar fronts of the bidomain Allen-Cahn equation
MonAug 0323:00Guofang Wei (plenary)Fundamental gap estimate in the hyperbolic spaces
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