Black Holes: BPS, BMS & Integrability

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Instituto Superior Técnico

Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 07-Sep-2020 to 11-Sep-2020
Organizers: SURESH NAMPURI*, Gabriel Lopes Cardoso*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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FriSep 1113:00Atish DabholkarTBA
FriSep 1109:15Vishnu JejjalaProbing the EVH limit of supersymmetric AdS black holes
FriSep 1108:00Albrecht KlemmLost Chapters in CHL Black Holes: Untwisted Quarter-BPS Dyons in the Z_2 model
ThuSep 1014:15Boris PiolineBPS indices, Vafa-Witten invariants and quivers
ThuSep 1013:00Sergei AlexandrovMock modularity and refinement: from BPS black holes to Vafa-Witten theory
ThuSep 1009:15Martí RossellóArithmetic of decay walls through continued fractions: a new exact dyon counting solution in N=4 CHL models
ThuSep 1008:00Abhiram KidambiMock modular black hole entropy from 1/2 BPS states
WedSep 0914:15Pedro AnicetoR^2 corrected AdS_2 holography
WedSep 0913:00Daniel GrumillerBMS_2
WedSep 0909:15Ricardo SchiappaResurgent Painlevé Equations & 2D Quantum Gravity
WedSep 0908:00Miguel TierzPhase transitions, random matrices and T\bar{T} deformation
TueSep 0813:00Max ZimetK3 metrics
TueSep 0809:15Kevin GoldsteinApplied CFT:Fire Phenomenology
TueSep 0808:00Alejandra CastroThe Holographic Landscape of Symmetric Product Orbifolds
MonSep 0714:15Vijay BalasubramanianBlack holes and Complexity
MonSep 0713:00Thomas MertensBulk observables in JT gravity
MonSep 0709:15Axel Kleinschmidt1/8-BPS couplings in effective string theory
MonSep 0708:00Sameer MurthyThe growth of the 1/16-BPS index in N=4 Super Yang-Mills
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