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Audience: Researchers in the topic
Conference dates: 31-Oct-2022 to 05-Nov-2022
Organizers: Changrim Ahn, Robert de Mello Koch, Yunfeng Jiang, Euihun Joung, Ki-seok Kim, Junggi Yoon*
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Upcoming talks
Past talks
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SatNov 0501:30Minjae ChoBootstrapping the Ising model on the lattice
SatNov 0500:30James BonifacioBootstrap bounds for hyperbolic manifolds
FriNov 0408:00Tarek AnousSailing Past the Edge and Discovering the Island
FriNov 0407:00Stefano NegroTopological gauging and non-relevant deformations of Quantum Field Theories
FriNov 0406:00Zoltan BajnokFrom perturbative to non-perturbative in 2d O(N) sigma models
FriNov 0405:30Kyungsun LeeTBA
FriNov 0405:00Hugo CamargoTBA
FriNov 0401:00Subir SachdevQuantum statistical mechanics of strange metals and black holes
ThuNov 0308:00Zoltan BajnokCFT 3pt-functions from integrability
ThuNov 0307:00Roberto TateoTTbar-like deformations in arbitrary dimensions
ThuNov 0305:00Roberto TateoFun with a nonlinear quantum oscillator
ThuNov 0301:30Matthew HeydemanNear BPS black holes and microstates in supergravity
ThuNov 0300:30Andre LeClairOn the classification of UV completions of integrable $T \bar{T}$ deformations of CFT
WedNov 0208:00Deliang ZhongLine Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Bosonization in Three Dimensions
WedNov 0207:00Balazs PozsgayMedium range spin chains -- Algebraic theory
WedNov 0205:00Balazs PozsgayMedium range spin chains -- Motivations: The folded XXZ model
WedNov 0201:30Shinji HiranoThe holography of duality in N = 4 Super-Yang-Mills-theory
WedNov 0200:30Alessandro SfondriniIntegrability for Root-TTbar deformations
TueNov 0108:00Vladmir KazakovThe Loom for Generalized Fishnet CFTs
TueNov 0107:00Christian FerkoRoot-TT Deformations
TueNov 0105:00Christian FerkoUniversal Stress Tensor Deformations
TueNov 0101:30Max A. MetlitskiBoundary and plane defect criticality in the 3d O(N) model
TueNov 0100:30John. Z. ImbrieIntegrability from Disorder in Quantum Many-Body Systems
MonOct 3108:00Minkyoo KimComments on Heavy Operators in N=4 SYM
MonOct 3107:00Luis ApoloHolographic entanglement entropy for TTbar-deformed CFTs
MonOct 3105:00Luis ApoloTTbar in string theory
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